Anavar is considered as the best friend of women who takes steroids. If there is one out of the plenty steroids people could choose, women have limited options. Most steroids are too strong for them and can harm their bodies. However, using Anavar responsibly can let you have the good impacts and reduce the chances of the bad.

Right Anavar Doses for Women

A woman can consume 10 mg of Anavar for 6 to 8 weeks for her steroid cycle. She must use it in the right time and in the right way. She must also include diet and exercise for fulfilling optimum results. There are also women who want to consume more than 10 mg per day, and take it up to 20 mg per day. However, there are risks of 20 mg Anavar for women, which is why they should not opt for that dose.

Side Effects of Anavar

The worst problem or effect in women due to steroid and relating to their physical appearance is having virilization. Virilization is a condition when a female body turns into looking like a male body. It transforms masculine traits and takes away the femininity from women.

If you take Anavar in the right doses, there are fewer chances for you to face the problem of virilization. Women have to be careful when consuming Anavar, even if it is one of the mild steroids and doesn’t have as much as side effects as the rest do.

If a woman starts developing the traits of virilization after consuming Anavar, she should stop using the drug at the time. There are chances that her body comes back to the regular condition and the body draws back into its femininity. However, if worst cases when the symptoms becomes too prominent and it has been long since you used Anavar, you might not be able to reverse the condition.

Why women should not have 20 mg Anavar every day?

The best dose for women is to consume 10 mg for a span of 6 to 8 weeks. Neither should the dose increase nor should the time span increase. There are women who do take up more doses of the drug, but that is beyond recommendation. 10 mg has proven to give positive results and that satisfies most.

Women can also try out 15 mg if they want to go to the next level, but 20 mg would not be the ideal condition. You have to understand that every dose of Anavar, no matter how small it is, leads to a step ahead towards virilization. Thus, with lower doses you can control the reaction and normalize your body after the cycle is over. However, if it goes beyond your hand you might not be able to help yourself anymore. Thus, this explains the physical risks of 20 mg Anavar for women. Apart from this, there can be internal damages that come from higher and non-recommended doses. It is important to use every steroid responsibly, because if your health doesn’t permit you might lead yourself in danger.

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