Patriot Power Greens come in small size with huge benefits. A well-made, comprehensive green drink powder that earning the top at the best green superfood powder reviews, has an intelligent blend of sea vegetables, land vegetables, fruits and berries including probiotics and digestive enzymes which helps in maintaining the health of the colon and aid digestion to avoid constipation.

Each serving of this product approximately gives around 5 grams of naturally- grown super foods. This comprises of organic spirulina, organic seaweed (Kombu, Nori, and Wakame), organic apple, kale, spinach, broccoli, carrot, parsley, beet, cabbage, tomato, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, with Goji and Acai berries. Having a great mix of berries present in its ingredients gives of antioxidants that is very helpful for maintaining good health.

Chicory Root is known for its ability to detoxify blood and liver, aid digestion for its soluble fiber and abundance of antioxidant properties. This Chicory root increases the flow of bile, which promotes digestion. Extra bile helps break down fats, and chicory root helps optimize blood composition and is worth to consider for anyone seeking to achieve optimal liver and gallbladder health.

Furthermore, organic chicory root contains Inulin, a soluble fiber that feeds digestive flora in the intestines. Many plants contain Inulin, but chicory root has the highest concentration. Nourishing the healthy flora in the intestines enhances the digestion process. In line with this, since inulin content is not digestible, the lack of glucose can help promote optimal blood sugar levels while also increasing stool bulk and consistency to help eliminate toxins efficiently.

This green powder is renowned for its cost effectiveness and reliability in trimming body fats. This is most ideal for individuals wanting to lose weight, or those that are looking for a meal replacement. If you need a green drink powder with holistic health, with well-being benefits jam-packed in one product, Patriot Power Greens is highly regarded as one of the highly acclaimed brands listed in best green superfood powder reviews online.

Denise Laurel is a health buff who loves to blog about upcoming new trends and technologies in the medical field. She is a lover of all things natural, and has been on a pure organic diet since 2012.

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