The cosmetic surgery is a booming business across the globe. Right from tummy tucks to breast augmentation to liposuction to tummy tuck, there’s no shortage of cosmetic procedures that can enhance appearance. For most men and women, cosmetic surgery is a sure shot way to enhance/rectify anatomical features which further helps to bring about a significant boost in confidence.

However, it is still important to make the decision after taking several things into account. Here’s what your cosmetic surgeon wants you to do before you go under the knife:

  1. No Magic

Do not consider cosmetic surgery as a magic bullet that will change your life or turn you into a celebrity. The idea of getting a cosmetic/plastic surgery is to enhance overall appearance. Do not expect it to turn you into your favorite celebrity. You will still be ‘you’ with better features and enhanced beauty. Expecting to look like Selena Gomez or Gigi Hadid will definitely disappoint you. Be you and embrace an improved YOU!

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  1. Impress Yourself NOT Anyone Else!

Cosmetic surgery is definitely not a way to impress others. The procedure is deeply personal. It isn’t about your relationship with others. Nobody is going to love you just because you seem to have a better nose or lips. It is about the relationship you share with yourself. Doctors and experts have always said that a plastic surgery done to impress others is unhealthy. It will only take you to a stage of depression. Peer pressure shouldn’t force you into getting a cosmetic surgery or to make your partner attracted to you. Such goals will leave you dissatisfied even if the results are fine. Many patients resort to multiple surgery just because they were unable to attract others. Such procedures usually result in depressing results.

  1. Is your Cosmetic Surgeon an Opportunist?

Usually cosmetic surgeons are dedicated professionals. They won’t suggest or coax you into a procedure that’s dangerous or of no use to you. Instead they will listen to your concerns, expectations, and goals before suggesting you anything. However, all cosmetic surgeons are not the same. Some are unethical and look for an opportunity to perform just about any cosmetic surgery on anyone who reaches out to them. Stay away from opportunistic surgeons. Find one really cares for your wellbeing and holds significant experience in his/her field. Click on the following link to make a consultation appointment with cosmetic surgeon:

  1. The Alternatives

Before you make a final decision on plastic surgery, think about all possible alternatives. Do you really feel the need to go under the knife? Think about all possible alternative options for the concern you have. There are a number of things that can help you such as proper use of makeup, a visit to a dermatologist, diet, exercise, etc. Assess all of these and see if anything can negate the need for cosmetic surgery.

  1. Revisions Policy

Does your surgeon offer revisions policy? Sometimes, surgeons may spoil a procedure and you may need to pay to get it rectified. So it is better to ask your prospective surgeon if he provides corrective surgeries (free of cost).

  1. Research

Do some research on surgery site. The center should have a proper license and accreditation to undertake such procedure. Offices of surgeons should also be registered and inspected. Also make sure the place of surgery meets all requirements mentioned by your state.

  1. Make Enquiries

Make enquiries about the number of times the prospective surgeons had accomplished the surgery. An experienced surgeon is always better for the job. The more experienced the surgeon is, the better!

  1. Trust your Surgeon

Respect your surgeon’s decision. If he/she is against a specific surgery being done, there’s definitely a reason behind it. You may go for an alternative consultation. However, going against the decision of professional may be harmful.

  1. The Recovery Time

Make sure you ask your surgeon about recovery time before saying yes to the surgery. Also enquire about any post-op care that you would require. Knowing the time taken to recover and procedure required for the same will help you prepare in advance and take off from work.

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