Many people think they do not need to hire a foot care nurse when they can go to a spa or nail salon for foot care. They do not understand that foot care nurses are highly educated and medically trained to handle different situations. Of course, you can receive pedicure services at much discounted rates when you opt for spas and nail salons, but foot care nurses offer much more than basic foot care. Let’s find out why it makes a good sense to hire a foot care nurse instead of opting for a nail salon:

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  • They have the degree and education to offer top-notch foot care services. They are actually registered nurses, personal support workers, or licensed practical nurses who choose to specialize in foot care. What it also means is that if you if you opt for personal support workers, you will receive basic foot care help. However, you will receive advanced foot care when you opt for registered nurses or licensed practical nurses.
  • They have the right type of training under their belt. In most cases, foot care nurses are certified by the provincial nursing college and come with a Certificate of Competence. You are going to get quality assistance because these nurses may have also completed special courses related to foot care.
  • They can take care of you and your loved one who may not be in a position to handle their routine life tasks on their own. Some patients are at a greater risk of developing foot related problems. A foot care nurse can be of great assistance here. A spa treatment is not going to make any difference in this situation. A foot care nurse will take care of the patient and report any medical issue they may find while offering foot care. The information can then help you look for additional services or opt for follow-up care.
  • They are trained as a medical professional, which makes them better than spa workers and nail technicians. It is worth mentioning that nail technicians may also have years of training, but they cannot be termed as registered nurses because they do not have any information about the medical aspect of different foot related problems. Similarly, spa workers cannot offer medical help. Foot care nurses can offer foot care help and also teach the client ways to prevent certain foot related problems.

The fact of the matter is that hiring a foot care nurse and opting for a nail salon is not the same thing. You will not receive pedicures from foot care nurses but you will receive a highly professional nursing service. The only thing you need to bear in mind is that you should always put your money on a highly qualified foot care nurse. Not all of them come with the right amount of experience, so be sure to do some research and then finalize your decision.

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