You should view the concept of sex therapy as anything out of the ordinary or in a detrimental way, it is in fact, rather a normal thing to have and get advice or counselling on. People regularly visit psychologists when they feel emotional issues and some would think nothing of visiting a marriage counsellor when things need patching up at home or a psychiatrist if we are feeling depressed, suicidal or emotionally confused; so why should we not feel comfortable visiting a sex therapist when we have problems in the bedroom?

The thing is, when someone has a problem with sex, the last thing they want to do is to talk about it. And that is understandable, when you consider you would not mention these problems to your friends at the local wine bar or social club you attend. But talking about “sex” when you are having issues is just what you do need to do!

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Sex therapists exist for that very purpose. They listen, advise and give us a clear path we need to take to amend these issues you might have. It will leave you – as the patient – the ability to open up your deepest and darkest secrets, albeit to a total stranger (which is actually much better when you think about it).

A sex therapist does not simply deal with those problems like erectile dysfunction in men and women who have a low libido after childbirth and the like, they will deal with all sorts of problems, including sexual trauma (rape and abuse included). A sex therapist will help you to come to terms with shyness and problematic issues that might exist in your head.

Sex therapists will also deal with such issues as sexual preferences: Do I have a fetish? Am I a dominatrix or a submissive? Why do I only find older men attractive? These are just some examples of the many questions that have been rolling around in the surgeries of the sex therapist across the country.

It helps you to explore the psychological part of your sex life. You may not know this but, more than half of what we experience during sex is not just a stimulation of the senses but a powerful thing going on in your brain. So, you can get to understand better how your sex life can improve through psychological therapy.

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