One of the best ways to conquer snoring and sleep apnea is a CPAP machine. If you have a noisy snore and wake up exhausted every morning, then you should talk to your doctor to see if it is sleep-related. It is important that you discuss your symptoms with your family physician. He or she will refer you to a clinic for a sleep study. The clinical staff will monitor you overnight to see if you suffer from sleep apnea.

According to, sleep apnea causes people to quit breathing for short periods of time. You can actually have hundreds of these episodes through the night. People who have sleep apnea are restless snorers and suffer from oxygen deprivation. If the sleep specialist diagnoses you with sleep apnea, it can be caused by two reasons:

• Your airway may be blocked by enlarged tonsils, or your soft pallet may collapse at night. This is called obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA
• There may be a short circuit in the part of your brain that makes you breathe automatically when you are asleep. The intermittent breaks in your breathing cause oxygen deprivation.

No matter which reason you have sleep apnea, it can be detrimental to your health. If left untreated, you can suffer from cardiovascular disease, hypertension, or a stroke. Mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety may be linked to sleep apnea, reports This condition is also is studied in psychiatry.

How Does The CPAP Mask Work?
CPAP machines give Constant Positive Air Pressure. The machine pumps air through your nose and mouth to keep your airway open. You will not snore or have the dangerous apnea. You wear a mask that is connected to the CPAP’s air tube. There are reports of people being treated for bi-polar disorder with CPAP therapy, states an article from

There are different styles of CPAP masks from which you can choose for your comfort. Some of these soft, silicone masks are large enough to cover both your nose and mouth. You might prefer the smaller versions that just cover your nose. The mask is connected to straps that go around your head and chin.

Make Sure Your CPAP Mask Fits Correctly
After you completed your sleep study and are prescribed a CPAP machine, a respiratory therapist will come to your house to calibrate the machine. He or she will also measure you for the right mask fit. It is a lot like finding the right shoe size. An improper fit will cause you problems. If your mask is too big, it will rub on your face and cause sore spots. A mask that is too small will cause you discomfort and skin irritation.

If you think your mask does not fit right, contact your respiratory therapist for a re-fitting. You may need a different size. Sometimes, you can readjust the head and chin straps for a better fit.

When It Is Time To Replace Your Mask
Although the CPAP machine is made to last several years, the tubing and mask are disposable. Medical experts recommend that they are replaced at least once every three months. Even with proper care, the silicone wears down and becomes permanently stained. Any time that you notice holes, stains, or a looser fit, it is time to get a new mask.

CPAP machines can improve your sleep and reduce the chances of disorders caused by sleep apnea. Even if you are suffering from a mental disorder, you should ask your doctor for a sleep study. You may find relief with CPAP therapy.

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