Are you thinking of purchasing health insurance? Are you also considering getting an online plan? If yes, then you have come to the right place! We have some of the best tips for you to help you find the best deals on health insurance. Take a look at this article to know more about the things you need to be aware of while purchasing the best health insurance plan online.

Things people are not aware about health insurance

Unfortunately, many people buy their policies while remaining misinformed about the basics of health insurance. If you want to find the best deal you first need to understand how health insurance works. Glance over the following points to get a better idea:

  • Types of health insurance: Health insurance is available in more than one variety. So every health insurance policy out there is not identical. You can choose a plan based on what your exact requirements are. You can buy a comprehensive plan to cover a general set of ailments. You can get a critical illness plan to cover certain specified illnesses such as stroke and organ failure. You can cover your child-bearing expenses with a maternity insurance plan. You can even opt for a personal accident cover. Then, you can choose a senior citizen plan if you are a retiree. So as you can see, health insurance is available in various different types and you should get the plan that caters to your exact needs.
  • Sub limits: All kinds of health insurance plans have sub-limits. This refers to the percentage divisions of the sum assured. For example, the insurer will only pay a certain amount for your room rent when you are hospitalised. Similarly, there are caps on every expense within your overall hospital bill. You must and well aware of the sub limits to assure you get the highest possible settlement at the time of a claim.
  • Co-pay: As the policyholder, you pledge to pay a part of the hospital bill at the time of a claim. This is usually a small percentage. The insurance provider pays the larger percentage. Read the policy wordings carefully to know what your co-pay liability is before the plan commences.
  • Riders: As stated above, all the health insurance plans do not offer all the benefits at the same time. However, you can extend your cover and get additional benefits with the help of the riders. Riders are add-on covers you can buy with your base health insurance plan at an added cost. The popular health insurance riders include the critical illness rider, the hospital cash rider, and the room rent waiver rider. Read the terms and conditions, understand the riders and then buy the ones that would be useful for you.

These are the common health insurance facts that many people are not always aware of. To ensure you are in the know, go over the facts carefully and then choose your ideal health insurance policy.

Best health insurance plans from various companies

The health insurance industry in India has really bloomed. This has proved to be massively beneficial for the Indian population as these days you have many excellent health insurance plans from various companies. Since the competition is so high, all the general insurance providers work very hard to provide the best possible covers. As a customer you are spoilt for choice! This is beneficial, but it also puts in a position where you need to exercise severe caution. You need to run a comparison on insurance aggregator website like and find the health insurance plan that is best suited for you. While all plans are good, not every plan will aptly cater to your needs. So don’t forget to compare the available options if you want to find your ideal cover.

The bottom line

So as you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, health insurance works in a unique manner. Knowledge is the key here as unless you know what is good for you, you won’t be able to make a good purchase. Keep all the points mentioned above in mind and run a very careful evaluation. Don’t forget to make use of the highly beneficial online comparison tools. These tools will help you to get your ideal cover at the ideal rate. So without any further ado, go online and find a reliable insurance aggregator website, run your comparison there and get set to own an excellent health insurance plan for yourself in no time.

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