It іs а synthetic anabolic steroid derived from dіhуdrоtеstоstеrоnе. This anabolic steroid is not esterified unlike many injectable forms and is available in the form of an oral or aqueous suspension tablet.Doctor, anabolic pills is used in the treatment of health conditions such as anemia and hereditary angioedema. It is also indicated to improve muscle growth, red blood cell production, stimulate appetite or weaken or weaken individuals and increase bone density.

Dosage for women

Everything is well priced. Like all other drugs or steroids, Stanozolol causes less side effects, but provides the best and expected results in return. Winstrol is also known for its performance enhancement quality.Women are more sensitive to men for better or worse. Winstrol can do wonders for women if taken at doses of 5-10 mg, while not even giving 50{5552b4113d7bdd46b7d672497b04b21721de8740f07d3c3dc98d4431b91d273e} results for men in that amount. The use of Winstrol gives them a slimmer and slim look, which is something they always want.

Common side effects of Winstrol in Women

Despite the massive online popularity of this unusual anabolic steroid and mild side effects. There are still many very real and damaging effects that anyone who uses it should be very careful to avoid it. This substance can have very negative effects on cholesterol levels in people who use it.Winstrol can cause side effects among women, some of which are irreversible.

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Acne is a common side effect of Winstrol. Winstrol increases the activity of skin sebaceous glands, making the pores become more easily clogged, which increases the buildup of bacteria and the formation of pimples. In-depth voice The Winstol can encourage the deepening of the voice. Тhе deepening оf voice can becaused bу thе growth оf vocal cards. This side effect is often inverted when you leave Winstrol. Growth of corporeal hair

Winstrol increases the levels of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which stimulates abnormal hair growth in women. Increasing DHT levels can also cause male baldness in women.

Body modifications Women often become thinner and more muscular with Winstrol. This includes the development of a masculine physicist with less curves and reduced breasts. Stanozolol causes less side effectsor an enlarged clitoris.

Winstrol results in Women

For best results from Winstrol, male athletes are required to take 25 to 100 mg per day of oral tablets for a period of 6 to 8 weeks. For female athletes, the recommended dose is between 5 and 10 mg per day for 5 to 7 weeks. If taken by injection, reduce the dose to 25 to 50 mg for men and 5 to 10 mg for women. Note that this is not technically a lower dose since Winstrol has a higher bioavailability factor when taken by injection. You can tell yourself; this steroid can be used for almost everything. There is some truth in this. But you will discover that for your sport, your body type and personal preference over time, you will be led to use Winstrol in a specific way.

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