You may have heard of the Original Pillow with a Hole, or if you live in the UK, seen it in the newspaper. Until recently the Original P.W.A.H was only intended for home use. However, with the introduction of the new Travel P.W.A.H, it has got a lot more versatile. Because of its new form factor, you will be able to take the Pillow with a Hole and its ear protecting benefits anywhere and everywhere you need to go. No longer will you struggle to sleep at a hotel because of ear pain. Simply pop the Travel P.W.A.H in your bag. Safe in the knowledge you will get a pain free night’s sleep wherever you are.

But what is the Pillow with a Hole?

If you haven’t heard of The Pillow with A Hole, you may not know that you need one. Put simply; the pillow is exactly what its name suggests. It is a pillow with a hole in it designed to alleviate ear pain caused by the pressure of your pillow. Furthermore; it cures hard to treat pressure sores (Chondrodermatitisnodularischronicahelicis) in just a couple of weeks, even when traditional cream-based therapies have failed.

If you have any kind of ear pain, especially when sleeping – your pillow is often the culprit.

If you have a pressure sore or Chondrodermatitisnodularischronicahelicis then your pillow is certainly to blame.

How does it work?

Many painful ear conditions are directly caused by your ear rubbing on and being crushed by your pillow. The Pillow with a Hole works by removing this source of friction and pressure. It is as simple as that. By removing the pressure from your ear and allowing your ear space to breathe, your ear will look after itself and will eventually heal.

Pressure sores are particularly difficult to deal with. Your doctor may prescribe various creams and oitments, which can be effective – at least until you go to bed at night. All of the good work the cream did during the day is instantly undone once your head hits the pillow. Many people suffer for months and even years with persistent pressure sores, yet after using the Original P.W.A.H for just a couple of weeks the symptoms massively lesson and the sore ultimately goes on to resolve completely.

The Travel P.W.A.H

The Travel Pillow with a Hole has the same benefits as the Original P.W.A.H except it is designed to be portable so you can take it with you wherever you need it. Smaller and able to be folded up, the Travel comes in its own canvass bag for easy transportation.

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