Many people are self-conscious of their smile. Whether this is because of crooked or missing teeth, stains or removable dentures, there are simply too many people who smile with their mouths closed. Cosmetic dentistry is the solution to this common problem. There are many myths surrounding cosmetic dentistry procedures and what may happen to someone’s smile after, however, there are many benefits to cosmetic dentistry:

  • Higher self-esteem. If you are self-conscious about the way your smile looks, this can obviously lead to low self-esteem and very low confidence. Going through any kind of cosmetic dentistry can help boost your morale and make you feel more comfortable within yourself.
  • Cosmetic dentistry is known to have results that last for years. This is a great advantage as it limits the amount of money needed to spend on dental bills over the years as well as the time allocated to any practices or procedures. There is also less chance of needing to go back and have your teeth re-examined or maintained.
  • Amazing results. Cosmetic dentistry provides good and fast results that will ensure you are never self-conscious about your smile or your teeth ever again. Teeth can be made as white as the day they first grew, stains and blemishes completely removed. Any sign of damage can be covered up through bridges, braces and various other procedures. Cosmetic dentistry is available to anyone, even if the condition is infection, hereditary, a general illness or damage caused by trauma.
  • World wide access. Cosmetic dentistry is available to everyone (excluding remote areas, travelling will be required in such instances). There are no limits, restrictions or discrimination regarding cosmetic dentistry. Treatment is open to anyone.
  • Even though in the past any kind of cosmetic surgery – even in dentistry – was very expensive, due to the technological advancements of today the prices have dropped drastically. This affordability makes it highly accessible to patients. However, some insurance companies will not cover cosmetic dentistry so always check that you are covered.
  • Recovery time. The great thing about cosmetic dentistry is that unlike other bigger cosmetic operations, the recovery period is not as long or as intensive. There is also very little pain involved as it is such a small area.

What are my options?

There are many treatment options available when it comes to cosmetic dentistry:

  • Dental implants. These are titanium pins that mimic teeth roots that when inserted with fuse to the jaw bone. This is a great treatment for any tooth loss and is a better option than removable dentures.
  • These are false teeth that fill in any gaps from missing teeth.
  • Dentures restore oral health and movement while also aiding self-confidence.
  • Dental crowns. Otherwise known as caps, crowns are cemented into your mouth to cover a damaged tooth. This also prevents weak teeth from cracking or breaking all together. They are also used to support bigger fillings.

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