Everyone loves babies and all couples feel blessed with a baby of their own. But, what if any couple is having an infertility problem? Even today in many societies, infertility is the most discussed matter. We give less importance to male infertility. Pregnancy brings happiness to couples who want to have parenthood. But, there are couples who are trying hard to conceive and not getting the desired result. Infertility problem is very daunting, distressing and, at times, becomes frustrating also. It interrupts the conjugal life of a husband and a wife. Female infertility, male infertility and the combination of both affects thousands of couples.

Fertility issues and solutions

Primary infertility is that if a couple had an unprotected, regular sex for about a year and did not conceive then it is advisable to go to a doctor and consult. It has been seen that couples with infertility problems can have a successful pregnancy after getting a proper treatment eventually in clinics, like Advanced Fertility Solutions. Secondary infertility is that a couple have had babies previously but are unable to conceive again.  When a couple is getting an infertility diagnosis, they have to undergo through extensive or abundant fertility testing. Several issues are there for female infertility, some are direct and some are indirect.

You need to keep in mind that female fertility issues could be difficult to diagnose. Many possible treatments depending on the cause or issues are available nowadays. It has been seen that by having proper diagnosis, many infertile couples successfully conceived a child without any treatment. Inability of getting pregnant is the main symptom of infertility. An improper menstrual cycle (i.e. too short, too long, irregular or completely absent) means that the lady is not ovulating. Apart from this there is no other apparent and visible symptom.

If you and your partner are aware of your infertility problems then your doctor could start the treatment and could begin testing immediately. Also, if your doctor is aware of the history of irregular or painful periods, repeated miscarriages, pelvic inflammatory disease, prior cancer treatment or endometriosis, then he could start the treatment right away.

Some common causes of infertility in women

PCOS or polycystic ovary syndromes – It is the most common cause of female infertility. Due to hormonal imbalance, this cause happens. A series of small cysts on the ovaries causes the hormonal imbalance. This leads to irregular periods or no periods for few months at all. It is very true that many women are living their life without knowing this. It is advisable to visit the doctor at early age if these symptoms persist.

Unhealthy body weight – Obesity or low body weight both can be the causes for infertility. A too high or too low BMI has a great impact on getting pregnant. Being obese, a woman can have a great level of risk of being unable to conceive as well as miscarriages. Low weight is good, but too much is unhealthy as it also causes infertility. However, it can be reversed too. Women who are infertile due to this reason can conceive once they are back to normal body weight.

STIs, other infections and growths in the reproductive system can also cause infertility. The most common physical change to the reproductive system is Endometriosis which affects the fertility. This leads to blockage in the fallopian tubes. The egg and sperm meets in the fallopian tubes and if it is blocked then they cannot meet. These blockages can be cured by surgery, but if the damage is serious or extensive then IVF is the solution.

Remember, if you are simply waiting to get pregnant then this could be a cause of infertility. So do not wait and consult the doctor, look after your health.

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