We are discussing about semen analysis. We want you to know when & what is involved in the sperm test? It does not matter whether you are getting semen analysis in Arizona or Az semen analysis in Scottsdale. Yet you may be aware that today many men are troubled and afflicted with infertility. This may prove to be a very hectic experience for all infertile men. Most males do not know what are the chief causes of infertility due to which they are afflicted? It is essential for all couples to know what is the reason for infertility in males and even in females? If you meet a fertility specialist then he will study your infertility problem and attempt to find a solution.

Semen analysis tests for men

If you are an infertile male and visit a doctor then even your spouse or partner will be asked to undergo a medical dialysis. This will be done to know the possibility of causes due to which your spouse is not fertile. However the most common infertility test conducted on men is known as semen analysis. This test is conducted to measure the quantity of semen that is produced in the body of males. This test is also conducted to judge the quality of sperms in men. With the help of such test the fertility specialist will be able to know the reason of infertility if you are having any such problem. The test of semen testing is the most basic tests that is done on males to know why they are infertile?

What is done while testing the male semen?

When you undergo testing of your semen then it involves knowing how much quantity of semen is produced by you during ejaculation. It also attempts to know how much sperm count is present in your semen. This test estimates the quantity of sperms seen in semen per milliliter. During this test the morphology of sperms is also studied. It involves measuring the quantity of sperms in normal conditions. You may even have to undergo motility tests to know the percent of sperms in normal health.

Is pH test essential while doing semen testing and analysis?

When you go for semen analysis then it also includes doing pH test. In this test the level of alkalinity and acidity is measured in your semen. You may even come to know that your semen may have the presence of white blood cells known as leucocytes. Your doctor may even test the quantity of fructose present in your semen. This is done because fructose is the main source of energy for your sperms. Even that time duration might be measured during which your semen turns into a liquid. If all these tests are done, then your doctor will know the reason of your infertility.

Semen testing does not bother time deadline

When you undergo semen testing then it does not bother about the time deadline. It has been seen that the female partners of some men have got pregnant even if these men have less quantity of semen and sperms. This is indeed like a miracle because some men have more semen yet their partners have trouble to become pregnant. Yet those men who have got positive results with semen analysis may take sufficient time to make their partners conceived. The rate of pregnancy in the female partner of such men is seen at a higher rate.

Are males responsible in most infertility cases?

It has been observed that when any couple face hurdle in getting pregnant or conceiving then males are generally responsible. Females are very hardly seen to remain barren due to issues of health of their uterus. If you are a male and do not have your female partner pregnant even after unprotected sex for one year then you may visit a fertility doctor. Your partner may feel embarrassed due to various tests yet you may be asked to provide a sample of your semen for some basic tests and medical dialysis.

Is semen analysis test expensive?

You may ask us is semen analysis test expensive? Our answer is off course not? Even if you get semen analysis in Arizona or semen analysis in Scottsdale then also you won’t feel any burden on your wallet.  Some men may feel this test to be a little embarrassing as they may be asked to give a semen sample from their body by masturbating. They may do this at their home or at the infertility treatment clinic where they visited a doctor. If you are among such males then you can do it in a private room and give the semen sample to your doctor. It is essential to know that you have to give this sample to your doctor within one hour ejaculating your semen.

What are the main criteria behind semen analysis?

When your chosen fertility surgeon asks your semen sample then he may tell you not to ejaculate sperms for two or three before the day on which you may give your semen sample to him. The main criteria behind doing the analysis of your semen are to check the quantity, quality and motility of sperms in your semen sample. This test also involves morphology that tells about the shape of your sperms. These sperms should have a round head and a long tail. Yet sperms without good quality and health may not have the power to impregnate your female partner. When we talk of motility of sperms then it mans how potent they are to fertilize the female egg known as ova, to impregnate a female.

The Final Summary

This article informs all readers about semen analysis. This article tells you about when and what is involved in the sperm test. Most men suffer from infertility due to low sperm count. They may also not be able conceive their female partner due to low quality of semen and sperms. Semen analysis helps these men to know what is the exact reason of their infertility? This also helps infertile males to fix their problem at a fair cost budget.

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