Having a baby can be both and exciting and daunting time of your life, fraught with decisions vast and varied that need to be made at a moment’s notice or plenty of weeks or months ahead of time. Sometimes, the imminent parent or parents might not know which way to turn in making these tough choices, which might seem straightforward, but are actually anything but that when the possible complications and processes are genuinely considered. If time is of the essence, and essentially running out, then the nine months – or thereabouts – one has to prepare can quickly seem a lot shorter than you originally expected.

Keep calm

Nothing is insurmountable. There is so much help out there, that it’s near impossible to go wrong with quick decision-making. Any obstetrician in Melbourne or any other part of the world, worth their salt, credentials and qualifications, will be able to support you through a process that is probably one of the most important elements of your life going forward. The important thing is to ask as many questions as possible, leaving absolutely nothing to guess work and supposition. If you have one, take your spouse or partner with you to these sorts of meetings – and don’t let yourself feel ignorant or without as much detail as possible in such scenarios.

Dig deep

The need and requirement to equip yourself with as much information and detail as possible cannot be stated enough. If not from the person you are consulting, then gather this sort of information by doing your own educated research across the Internet or other informative platforms. Take notes, make bookmarks, revisit certain points of info that you found particularly helpful in the first place. Ask around for recommendations from others who have been through this sort of thing before you. Then, internalise that kind of thinking and feel better and stronger for it.

Plot the future

While your thinking might centre around the here and now, with immediate needs trumping that which will be required in the future, you need to look beyond this. Whether it’s about building a lovely blue or pink nursery, or finding out about martial and parental support from your local community or neighbourhood, have a look around and see what kind of measures are available to you. If not free, and instead at some kind of financial cost, consider the price carefully – and see if it will balance out in the end. That’s the strongest, most well advised to go about these sort of things.

Understand the big picture

Do your best not to be thrown off or caught off guard by the smaller or bigger things that might effectively get in the way of you blooming and blossoming as a parent. There will, of course, be the occasional proverbial speed bump that might feel a bit bigger or troublesome than it actually is, but don’t stress too much – there are ways around this sort of thing. Don’t be too proud to ask for the exact help you need.

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