Pickle ball is a unique game which is getting popular these days. Many adults as well as college guys and school kids are in love with this game. Pickle ball is unique because it is a game that is literally a combination of badminton, tennis and table tennis. This game contains feature of all these three games. This game is played with the help of a oversized ping pong ball and played in the court with the size equivalent to that of a badminton court with a tennis sized net placed on the court. The height of the net remains the same while length is decreased. This game was created with just one thing in the mind which is fun.

The pickle ball net is one of the most important game accessories that you will need to play this fun filled game. This net act as the main obstacle while playing pickle ball and makes the game even more challenging. You need to hit the ball with the help of a paddle so that it may easily cross the net with sufficient height. The ball is served with the help of a paddle and the players hit the ball back to the serving person. The ball must clear the height of the net. The net is placed exactly in the middle of the court which divides the court into two equal parts. The net is suspended from the air till the ground with the help of net poles. Two types of nets are used in pickle ball. One is a traditional net which can be hanged if you have permanent poles. Other ones are portable poles and net. The height of these poles can be adjusted with accordance to the level of the ground.

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