Shaping your body until you get a physique of an Olympian is a marathon, not a race. This being said, it’s not about your ability to endure hardship, sacrifice and dedicate yourself to healthier lifestyle choices. It is about being able to do so over the course of months, years and decades. In return, you get numerous benefits. Your body weight ratio improves, you sleep better, your life is better balanced, not to mention the fact that your mood is likely to improve as well. Still, seeing how perseverance is the name of the game, here are few tips that can help get you motivated for the gym.

1. Make a routine

The first idea that can help keep you motivated for the gym, lies in making a routine out of your daily training. Sure, sometimes you will have to work overtime, have other chores or even have unexpected events occur but as long as you try to keep your daily schedule organized around your training, you should do just fine. By making it into a part of your daily routine, you can make the idea of skipping it feel downright wrong (even unnatural).

2. Invest in an adequate equipment

Going underprepared to a gym may result in an injury. That could potentially force you to take a longer break. During this break, you will get used to a sedentary lifestyle and it will be much harder for you to start going to a gym once again. In order to avoid this, you need to warm up properly prior to the training but also to invest in an adequate equipment. We are talking about getting several t-shirts designated for gym exclusively, a few towels as well as several pairs of quality mens gym shorts. For those who prefer listening to music while training, getting an MP3 player and a quality pair of noise-canceling headphones might also be a good idea.

3. Make your own playlist

Speaking of music, there are some amazing playlists out there for you to consider. However, in order to personalize this experience, even more, you might want to consider making a list of your own. Make sure, however, to make your playlist training-specific. For weightlifting session, you need something energetic like Eye of the Tiger or The Final Countdown, while for cardio, you want something a bit more relaxing. Some even like to play with irony a bit and play songs about running (Running Up That Hill, Born to Run, Run to the Hills) while they run. The choice, however, is all yours.

4. Keep a good company

Finally, you need to keep in mind that working out with a partner tends to get you the greatest results. Aside from these workouts being more fun, they also make you try much harder, which is sometimes all that it takes. Most importantly, however, it will be much harder for you to bail on the gym, knowing that this also means letting down your partner. This alone can sometimes help you get through a rough patch without even realizing it.


The best thing about these four above-listed items is that they represent merely a tip of the iceberg when it comes to the exercise motivation hacks. For instance, some people like to take pictures of their daily progress, so that they can edit a time-lapse later on and see their full progress. Who knows, you might even get to use this as a material for your transformation story later on. The world is your oyster!

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