While conducting a study on the popularity of Jungian psychotherapy in Manhattan, United States, I linked up with one of the most experienced Jungian psychotherapists in the region and requested to know how a patient can be able to pay for the very vital session. His response was quite surprising. According to her, in dreams, wealth or rather money is often regarded as an indication of energy and values. It brings a revelation of to the experts a very crucial concept with regards to what is important to them, i.e. what individuals consider worthy in themselves and in others. Money also might act as a great indication of one’s personal resources, and energy. In other words, it is an indication of self-worth and authority; it strongly depicts the point at which people’s priorities lie; and it as well offers a very vivid picture of an individual’s ability to attain their major desires in life. In this regard, viewing it from a symbolic pint of view, the money devoted by a patient with the intention of dealing with psychological welfare and issues can be a worthwhile investment not just for their wellbeing but also for the attainment of total potential. This means that, in other words, the money one invests in their own psychological prosperity and advancement is not lost at all.

In as well managed to inquire from the Jungian psychotherapist about the dissimilarity that can be assumed to be in existence between a Jungian therapist and a Jungian analyst. In response, he told me that the theories that were created and designed by the famous scholar, Charles Jung appear to have increased in popularity in the recent past. A large proportion of those who practice Jungian psychotherapy as such have carried out their own Jungian analysis prior to incorporating their own experience and skills into the process. In Manhattan, majority of them are labeled as psychotherapists with Jungian orientation or simply Jungian psychotherapists. Unless an individual has attained a Diploma in Analytical Psychology and has undergone an extensive training procedure on Jungian analysis from an accredited and institution, they will not be able to assume the profession of Jungian psychotherapy or even the name of Jungian psychotherapist. It is a good idea to keep at the back of the mind the idea that Jungian training colleges must be fully accredited by the one International Association of Analytical Psychology.

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