Tattoos can be fun and most Americans do not regret getting them. Still, a survey shows that a whopping 23 percent of Americans regret this decision. Now, the idea of getting your tattoo removed might seem a little scary, but the following should help you see that it is not that big of a deal.

Signs That you are Ready

The first thing you want to do is make sure that you are ready to get a tattoo removed. Getting a tattoo removed requires a commitment from your part, so it is best to be sure.

The following are just some of the most common signs telling you that you are ready:

  • Many people try to hide the tattoo whenever possible.
  • You are certain that you would not get this tattoo again if you had a chance to relive your life.
  • Some feel disconnected from the tattoo, like the design does not represent them.
  • You try not to mention that you have a tattoo when others speak about them.
  • Some people feel regret, sadness, or embarrassment about their tattoos.
  • Much of your wardrobe was purchased to hide your tattoo.

These are just some of the signs that you are ready to get your tattoo removed, but there are many others like the following.

Cover up Trend

This could be considered a sign that you are ready to get your tattoo removed, but sometimes it just means you are unhappy with the way your tattoo looks. The cover up trend refers to people who cover up a tattoo with a larger tattoo.

This could work for those who are simply unhappy with the tattoo for some reason. Perhaps you are unhappy with the artist’s work or too much time has passed and the image has become distorted. Getting a tattoo over the older tattoo might work in this case, but it could make things worse.

Those who feel some of the aforementioned signs along with the urge to cover up a tattoo with a larger tattoo should avoid getting another one. It is likely that you grew out of the tattoo craze and simply do not want any. You will likely regret this new tattoo later on, too.

Keep in mind that the removal of a larger tattoo will take more time, and it is a little harder to do.

Tattoo Removal is Easy

Those who are worried about the tattoo removal process should not be. It uses a safe FDA approved laser producing machine called the Quanta Q-Plus C laser. Some of the best laser tattoo removing experts like New Wave use this type of laser because it helps remove all colors in the tattoo using tri-split wavelength technology. This makes it possible to produce quicker results.

Of course, it is okay to inquire about the tattoo removal process before you start. You should be confident in your decision to remove your tattoo as soon as possible, which is the reason it is encouraged to at least have a consultation with experts to help you figure it out.

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