The survival period for Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is long in comparison to Ribonucleic acid (RNA) which engrossed a shorter period of life. RNA’s shorter life is because of the degradation of RNA by the enzymes i.e. RNases. For the total RNA isolation, a special procedure is implemented on the samples collected. In addition, this procedure also decreases the chances of degradation of RNA.

What is Total RNA?

Let us first discuss the availability of RNA and its other forms inside a living cell.  The main type of RNA i.e. mRNA incorporates the expression of the gene in the form of elongated protein-coding mRNA transcript. Similarly, microRNA represents the infinite quantity of smaller noncoding RNA fragments in a cell. The function of microRNA is to maintain the regulation of genes inside the cell. Most of the biological procedures involve the examination of total RNA and its intact nature.  As a matter of interest, researchers would always like to read more and conduct experiments so as to find out the gene expression, RNA-sequencing,  and microarray examination.

What is the Significance of Total RNA?

Researchers all over the world are following the method of gene expression, so as to examine and analyze the different mRNA populations. Some the common RNA profiling methods follow the technique of microarray assessment. The reverse transcription method incorporates the RNA sample and its cDNA copy for further investigation. Conversely, the prerequisite of an excellent RNA assay is necessary in order to achieve successful accomplishment of these methods. Furthermore, RNA or Ribonucleic acid that is liable to get contaminated is not considered for further examination. If this procedure is not adopted, it would lead to inefficient and worthless results.

A characteristic cell of a mammal includes total RNA. The other important constituents are the mRNA molecules and related mRNA species. As studied, mRNA is the main area fetching maximum attention by the researchers. Maybe the percentage of mRNA is very minute in the total RNA sample; the researchers try their best to examine the veracity of mRNA in the Total RNA sample. In order to study and examine further, they make the most of the latest technique like RT PCR procedure.

As per the studies conducted, a majority of the total RNA samples have shown the prevalence of ribosomal RNA. The examination of a total RNA sample is mainly considered so as to determine the genuineness of RNA and its functioning in that particular aspect. Most frequently, the researchers read more about the Gel Electrophoresis method in order to examine and study the constituents existing in a specific sample.

Total RNA Purification Kit

This Kit has been specially designed with the intention of achieving successful isolation of total RNA from the various samples. This procedure adopts a special method in order to eliminate inhibitors and other impurities. Further,  if you read more about this you will come to know that the organization of this unique kit is secure and no detrimental waste is produced. Besides this, the scientists are conducting more research in order to determine the nature and significance of Total RNA which is also exhibiting some changes because of the cellular degradation and other related factors.

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