If you are just starting on weightlifting, you probably have seen seasoned mates use wide leather belts on their waists. The lifting belts have their good sides and the bad sides.  Even after taking the necessary gear like steroids from 120kgs.com and training so well, most weightlifters still fail because they misuse the lifting belt. So, do you feel like there is a lot you do not know about this accessory? Follow this article to understand more about the best.

Recommended times to use the lifting belts

When doing the strength training – most heavyweight trainers usually get tempted to use the belts. However, it is not yet due until one can train for over two years. This includes lifting barbells of advanced weight on a regular basis until the body can ask for the use of belts.

Bracing period – Not many weightlifters can get the maximum torque from their core or around the hip bone. However, when one gets at this stage, they can use a weightlifting belt without much of a challenge. They assist the coordination of the core, shoulders and the chest.

To prevent the tension and force leaks – If a barbell athlete has not yet gotten used to pillar bracing, then a belt will create the support they need. However, this is as advised by an expert.

Benefits of using belts in weightlifting

  • Belts encourage squats lifts.
  • Protection during lumbar spine motion during heavy lifting.
  • They encourage better back position and form.
  • Reduces stress on the lower back by encouraging the intra-back pressure.

Various times not to use the weightlifting belts

Being an advanced training tool, weightlifting belt is not for anyone. Only the seasoned a barbell lifters are allowed to use it so that it does not cause a disaster. Most people go wrong on the whole concept of using a weightlifting belt where the wear it from the beginning to the end.

So, if you think that the belt protects from injuries,  then you are wrong. It may be the cause of the injuries especially for the amateurs who misuse it. However, if you are suffering from pains at the lower back, the crucial part is to train on how to use the belt well. Without this, the problem will become bigger with time.

The seasoned lifters do no rely on the belt all the time. They understand too well the dangers and only use it when necessary. Likewise, all lifters are encouraged to reduce the use of the belt where possible. This creates the ability to improve the core strength and original power without dependency on accessories.

Disadvantages of using belts in weightlifting

  • They can encourage blood pressure
  • After giving a false security lifters can exceed their weight limit and break the body.
  • Only protect a section of spinal cord exposing the rest to risks.
  • Hinders advancement especially when used with lower weights.

According to these insights, getting used to belts is a risky affair. They are only applicable at the right time when need be. Therefore, all weightlifters should understand the best time to use one.

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