A septic tank requires proper maintenance in order to extend its life. If you take care of it properly, then you won’t need to spend a lot of money on repairs later. Here are some tips you should follow keeping that in mind.

Feeding your tank

The type of waste you feed into your tank will determine the condition it’s going to be in. This means not all waste is appropriate for the tank. There are waste materials and fluids that may harm the tank and lead to deterioration and malfunctioning. These include plastic bags, diapers, and chemical substances among others. These things would either cause clogging on the drain fields or else damage the pipes.

Pumping the tank

Failing to take care of the system not only causes both ground and water pollution but also it’s a health hazard for the people living near. It is always good to seek professional Septic Services – TruckXpress to help with inspection and regular pumping as required.

The inspection should be done annually to check the levels of scum and the drain areas. The requirements include:

  • The tank should be pumped when the scum is above the permitted level, which is usually about 3 inches of the bottom of the outlet device.
  • The top of the sludge layer should be below 12 inches of the bottom of the outlet.

Signs of system failure

There are a number of signs to look out for that will tell if your septic tank needs immediate servicing.

  • The level of the sewage rises to the top.
  • Foul smell and we spots.
  • Sudden lush vegetation growth around the area of the drain field.
  • The need for backup means of waste management.

Maintenance tips

  • Keeping accurate records after every inspection for future reference.
  • Practicing water conservation will reduce the strain on the system and extend its life.
  • Always hire a certified technician to assist with the system problems.

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