Giving the perfect gift is easy when you choose a bong that suits the recipient’s smoking style. A wide range of colors, sizes and style are available to choose from. A bong is the perfect beginning to a memorable gift set when paired with a complete line of accessories like grinders from

Bong Shapes and Sizes

Bongs are usually made of glass, plastic or porcelain. Clear glass bongs with threads of color running through the glass are a popular choice, but don’t overlook bongs that have a distinct shape. Consider the person’s personal style and interests to choose a bong that truly matches their unique personality and tastes.

Ceramic bongs are also an option when you want a unique shape. Ceramic bongs are available in shapes like dragons, gnomes, crescent moons and reapers to give you a wide range of options that can suit virtually any smoker’s tastes. Like glass, ceramic options are available in a range of sizes, but are typically smaller than glass bongs.

Bong Size

Size is an important feature for most smokers. Choose a small, portable bong to give a friend who prefers to smoke discreetly, or opt for a large centerpiece-style bong to give to someone who is eager to smoke with friends. Medium-sized bongs are suitable for both individual use and when smoking in groups. Choose a smaller bowl size for personal use, or a larger bowl size for sharing.

Modern Water Pipes

Water pipes are modernized bongs that smoke just as well as the classic. This option is available in flexible, break-resistant silicone to easily pack in suitcases or bags without the risk of breakage, and the pipes are much smaller than traditional bongs for easier, more discreet storage.

Silicone water pipes are equipped with metal stems to provide flame-resistant use. Opt for medical grade silicone to enjoy a long-lasting bong that is BPA-free. While these pipes are convenient and easy to store, the benefits of glass bongs may be more important than portability.

Why Go With Glass?

Glass bongs are a tradition among smokers who enjoy a pure taste from each puff. You can easily chill glass bongs before using them, or you can add ice to the water before smoking for a cooler, more refreshing flavor. Remember to remove the stem before chilling glass to avoid breaking the bowl during regular use.

You can easily wash a glass bong the same way you wash a glass cup, which allows you to enjoy a purer flavor when smoking. Avoid putting bongs in the dishwasher unless you are sure they are heat-resistant, however, as some bongs can easily break when exposed to high water pressure and heat.

Pairings for Bongs

To make your gift special, add accessories like grinders, lighter covers with built-in smoking accessories and extra stems in a variety of sizes. Pair the gift with the recipient’s favorite smoking products to create a the gift set of a lifetime for the smoker in your life.

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