If your teeth are stained, dental experts recommend that you should select the best whi-

tening methods to restore your lovely smile. The main methods of teeth whitening are

home remedies or in-office method.

Most in-office whitening methods use bleaching agents such as carbamide peroxide

and hydrogen peroxide that help to remove the stained layer of the enamel. The blea-

ching agent used during an in-office session is stronger compared to the home agents.

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Here is a closer look at the whitening methods.

o In-office whitening

This is the whitening method that takes place in a medical facility such as a dental clinic.

The process is like any other medical procedure that commences with a comprehensive observation of the teeth and entire body’s health. You have to know that cost of teeth whitening in Thailand is cheaper than somewhere else for…a better quality!

First, the dentist checks whether you have a problem with the soft tissues. Then, he fits

a protective tray that helps to cover other parts of the mouth. The tray also safely col-

lects the dirt as it gets peeled off from the enamel.

The dentist applies a layer of hydrogen peroxide that has been carefully cured using

blue light. The curing is very crucial because it loosens the stains and ensures the whi-

tening process ends faster.

o At-home whitening method

Unlike the in-office whitening method that is done by an expert, at-home whitening stra-

tegies are DIY methods. Therefore, the whitening agents are mild and might take longer.

These remedies include chewing gums, gels, whitening toothpaste, and rinses. Though

the effectiveness of home remedies has at times been contested, people are encoura-

ged to be positive about them and remain consistent.

o The natural teeth whitening methods

For people who do not prefer any of the above two methods, there is a third option; the

natural remedy. These are remedies that utilize plants extracts or specific foods to help

with whitening. Some great options in this method include fruits that have malic acid (a

natural bleaching agent), carrots and celery. Remember that the natural remedies take

a lot of time before you can start getting results.

To enjoy the results you anticipate, it is very important to pair teeth whitening with ap-

propriate teeth hygiene efforts such as regular brushing. You should also take a lot of

foods with calcium and phosphorous that strengthens the teeth.

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