We’d all prefer to be a little fitter, right? For some of us, a big leap is in order. Whether you’re a total newcomer to the world of exercise or an established gym-enthusiast, there’s always room to improve. Taking your fitness routine to the next level will naturally involve hard work, but when done right it can be plenty of fun, too.

  1. Try something totally different. If you’ve been slogging away in the gym for years and feel like you’re stuck in a rut, trying out a completely new sport or activity could be just what you need to reignite your love for exercise and give your muscles a fresh challenge. Boxing is a great choice for boosting cardiovascular health and building strength – just stock up on some new supplies from a retailer like Ring Side and start training.
  2. Try out HIIT. HIIT, or high intensity interval training, is a great way to improve your fitness levels without having to build extra time into your schedule. You can do HIIT on the treadmill, in the pool, or in any cardio scenario. Simply start slow and then introduce bursts of sprints that really push your heart rate up. Just 15 minutes of HIIT could help substantially boost your overall fitness.
  3. Use a home bodyweight routine. Not everyone can afford a gym membership, but there are ways to build muscle mass and tone up your body without leaving the house. Research bodyweight style exercises like push-ups, crunches and planks, and incorporate them into your daily routine. Once you’ve progressed to the point where your bodyweight routine is too easy, move onto dumbbells to build more muscle.
  4. Invest in a fitness tracker. Sometimes we need a little extra motivation to take us from semi-active to super-fit. A fitness watch can be a great way to get that additional discipline kick. There’s a range of options on the market, from simple inexpensive step counters to high-tech gadgets that give you all kinds of cool data. Work within your budget and start setting some realistic short-term goals to meet with your tracker.
  5. Take a hike. Hiking is the perfect way to incorporate more exercise into your life without sacrificing your relaxing leisure time. Find the most beautiful natural spots in your area with walking tracks and start heading out for some peaceful time in nature. You’ll get extra exercise in, burn off those Friday night cocktail calories, and experience a serious mood boost from the sunshine, fresh air, and endorphins.
  6. Make a heart-pumping playlist. Once you’re used to running or going to the gym, it helps to have some motivating music to keep you in the zone while you work out. Put together a playlist of songs that always make you feel upbeat and energised and then turn it up loud when you’re ready to exercise.
  7. Grab a fitness buddy. Having a friend with similar goals to exercise with can make it far easier to improve your health. Ask around and find a friend who wants a workout buddy, then schedule in time together to go to the gym, hike, or head to a yoga class. Just make sure they’re as serious as you are about getting fit, or they could end up holding you back.

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