A child is the most special gift from God and no parent looks forward to have sickness problems deteriorating the health of their precious child. Health screening comes as a necessity here and also the overall health of a child is benefitted in case a deficiency is found. Right from an early age a child needs proper tender care and affection and proper amount of nutrients are needed for the growth and building of bones and muscles.

The check-ups help to determine whether there is a risk of health-related issue which needs attention and can also be problematic in the longer run as well as be carried onto his adulthood. Thinks in particular, such as screening for cancer, is essential. A health centre like Cancer Treatment Mexico is ideal. Healthy eating habits set at early stage along with the regular physical activity helps building a strong foundation for hale and hearty life. As you age diseases starts to attack your body due to early life ignorance in eating habits.

Blood Pressure

The Blood pressure of your children should be checked regularly, as early as the age of three. In case a High Blood Pressure is detected then medical attention is must as the increase in blood pressure than normal indicates an underlying disease. Blood Pressure rise at such an early age needs to be well taken care of as high Blood pressure leads to heart attacks. Consult a physician and make sure proper medication is prescribed and also you give your child the medicines on time and at regular intervals.


Most children have this habit of eating their pencils or lick the paints on the wall, Lead is said to be one of the most dangerous substance that any child can consume as it slows down the mental as well as physical growth of a person. Damage can also occur in body parts because of lead consumption. Some of the places suggest that lead tests need to be done at the age of 1 and 2. If one of the below mentioned question’s answer comes as a yes then your children needs to go through a lead test more often than other children.

  • Do you live in a house or regularly visit a place which was built before 1950? (The place might be a day care centre, preschool or babysitters place or a relative)
  • The child’s brother or sister or friend was treated for lead poisoning?
  • Do your child visits a place which was constructed before 1978(that year lead was banned in paint for residential use) and renovations or remodelling is going on in that place?

Vision and Hearing

The need to check for proper hearing and eyesight comes in very early and these ailments should not be taken lightly at any cost. As the time to spend on outdoor play is decreasing and children play more and more time on gadgets the need to check eyesight along with hearing comes as a necessity.

Vision Warning Signs

  • If your child’s eye is turning inward or outward
    · Squinting
    · Unusual or continuous Headaches
    · Performance graph decreasing in school
    · Fuzzy vision or dual appearances of objects

Hearing Warning Signs

  • Bad response to voice
    · Decrease in speech and language pickup
    · Stammering
    · Long time hearing music or move dialogues from earphones

Apart from the above mentioned, health screening is needed to detect the Additional Tests

  • Anemia (Blood) Test- Anemia means that in blood, the number of RBC’s (red blood cells) is less or the hemoglobin level is less than normal. Iron is the medicine for anemic children and is having less than the normal number of red blood cells or less hemoglobin than normal in the blood.
  • Cholesterol (Blood) Test- Children above two years of age need this test as the food habits have gone extremely bad and if a parent or the child’s grandparents have had bad cholesterol history.

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