ValueMags is a Chicago based distribution and marketing company for magazine publishers. Their relationships with magazine publishers are based on trust, loyalty, credibility, and an incredible reputation. ValueMags is not only known nationally for their contribution to print entertainment but also for their controversial discussions. On ValueMags’ new blog, they have joined many controversial discussions such as that of online reputation management, the fitness movement, parenting methods, and now gun laws. Currently with a Republican united supreme court as the united front of the United States, it is likely that they will pass more laws allowing guns purchase/owning or revoke laws that have ban them. Among the many discussions that ValueMags has commented on on their new blog, guns laws in one of the most important. Guns and arms can take someone’s life. It is as simple as that. Bearing arms in United States is justifiable when someone walks onto your lawn for example. However, in neighboring parts of the world such as Canada, that would not be a valid reason to bear arms. The culture in the United States has permitted individuals to think that that is okay though. Additionally, the law does not and continues not to contribute to the amelioration of that controversy. As a result, many mentally unhealthy Americans own guns and many Americans do not feel safe in their own country.

After a dispute at a gas station on April 8th, individuals pulled out guns on each other. However, if guns were not accessible, the argument could have been diffused otherwise. Access to weapons makes individuals think it is okay to use those weapons to resolve a dispute. Individuals should be taught to resolve with their words not their actions. As Americans are taught that gun usage is okay, their actions speak for America’s morals. ValueMags encourages individuals to fight for their safety in future discussion. Or, fight for their 2nd Amendment. Whatever you fight for, have a reason and think of your community and loved ones when fighting for it.

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