There are numerous questions which come to our mind when e-liquids are concerned. But what are e-liquids? What is vape juice made of? If all this is going on in your mind, you need not fret as we will discuss everything about e-liquids in this post. Before we move on, you should know that vape juice is another term for e-juice. But what is vape juice? This is just the liquid which fuels the electronic cigarette.

How does it work?

E-liquids are used inside e-cigarettes and they take the role of tobacco within traditional cigarettes ignoring the combustion. This is placed within the tank or cartridge, the atomizer heats the e-liquid which provides the sensation of smoking. The vape juice is definitely the most vital component of the electronic cigarette because it is possible to get a good e-cig but without a good quality electronic juice, you won’t get the desired taste of the vapor and the throat-hit will also not be too effective.

The e-cig liquid – What is there inside it?

As against the combustible cigarettes made of tobacco, the electronic cigarettes contain few ingredients. If you want to know on them, here’s what you should read on.

  • Propylene Glycol

Did you just get your first e-cigarette from V2 by Vapor2? This is the more common one among the 2 different liquid diluents that are found inside an electronic cigarette. This is rather thin in terms of consistency and it has got more fluidity than vegetable glycerine. Due to this, the polyfills fabric within the cartomizer absorbs it in a rather easy way. As the juice is of low density, slime doesn’t accumulate on the heating element of the electronic cigarette as fast as it does with the VG juice.

  • Vegetable Glycerin or VG

This is a rather thicker solution when you compare this to PG. The previous liquid is tasteless but vegetable glycerine has got a very sweet taste which leads to the sweet taste which serves in masking the flavors and making them tougher to choose. Nevertheless, there have been few users who have complained about phlegm building up inside their throat after they used the VG-based liquids. Due to the high consistency, the VG juices don’t give the throat-hit which is possible through PG.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about what the electronic cigarette comprises of, you can take into account the above mentioned ingredients before buying one for the first time.

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