Regardless of what they do, some clients simply can’t lose weight quickly enough. Personal trainers who have taken recognised fitness courses know what to look for when their clients aren’t seeing results. If, despite your efforts to help your clients lose weight and achieve their fitness goals, they still lose weight very slowly or not at all, these could be the reasons why:

Four Reasons Your Clients Lose Weight Too Slowly:

  1. They don’t keep track of the amount you eat: It can be a problem if you don’t know how much you are currently eating. Before dieting, your clients should know about their basal metabolic rate or BMR. This is the amount of calories that the body burns to sustain its internal functions, even if you just sit on the couch all of the time. People with a sedentary lifestyle or with a desk job and no exercise at all may burn about 120 percent of their BMR. Moderately active people may burn 150 percent of BRM and very active people at about 200 percent BMR. There are various ways to calculate your BMR, but it could range between 1500 to 2000 calories each day, depending on your gender, age, muscle mass and body weight. It is good practice to maintain your caloric intake based on your BMR, because you will still burn excess calories regardless of your lifestyle.
  2. They are doing cardio with improper planning: Many people think that they will lose weight fast if they do as much cardio as possible. 25 minutes of HIIT cardio could burn as many calories as one hour of regular cardio. Your clients should perform cardio exercises that match their preferences and physical conditions. Obese people and those with physical limitations may not be able to perform HIIT cardio exercises.
  3. They rely on fad diets: Fad diets can be among the worst method for losing weight properly. Losing weight is still about managing your caloric intake and doing the right kind of physical activities. If you want to eliminate one kilo of fat each week, you should burn enough calories and eat properly, so your intake is less than 500 calories of your total daily expenditure. Your body will react best only to gradual and slow changes.
  4. They choose the wrong foods: A glazed doughnut is about 400 calories and eating five each day won’t leave you satisfied. Your food choices should be nutritious and wholesome and have a high content of dietary fiber which can make you feel full and satisfied.

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