Stanol steroid is recognized as an artificial oral anabolic steroid and it is more popular by the name, “Stanozolol”. This medication is commonly a European medication and you won’t find this medication in the form of an oral compound in the US. This drug has similar effects like male hormones, testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. These compounds upsurges protein synthesis and this result in a rapid building of cell tissues. There are numerous athletes and bodybuilders and even ordinary men who take this drug to augment their physical features. However, before you take this medication you must be aware of its process of functioning and its probable side effects.

This medication is obtainable in a couple of forms; oral and the injectable form. Both the forms are quite alike but bodybuilders find the Stanol injectable cycle more effectual than the oral cycles. This medication is one dihydrotestosterone derivative compound and its 17-aa-alkylated feature makes it toxic to your liver. It also does transform to estrogen and doesn’t result in gynecomastia and water retention. For this reason, you aren’t required to take an anti-estrogen drug while taking this compound. Among its wide good qualities, one unique quality of this medication is it can lower SHBG more than other anabolic steroids.

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Recommended dosages

The oral form of this medication comprises of a small dosage of 5mg of Stanozolol/tablet. You are required to take higher dosages of this medication to get a noteworthy increase in your muscle mass or development. For males, an average dosage of this medication is between 25-100mg each day. Females are advised to take 5mg daily of this drug and they are further suggested not to stretch their dosing level beyond 25mg each day to keep problems like virilization away. Irresponsible usage can lead women to have physical traits of men like facial hair and deeper vocal sound. They can also experience an irregular menstruation cycle.

Obtainability of this medication

This medication is quite common and there are numerous manufacturers who sell the counterfeited version of this medication. You will find this medication easily on the market but you are required to do some research beforehand to ensure a safe purchase. There are countless black market dealers who sell both the versions of this drug. Additionally, you will find human-grade drug and underground label drug too. For the safety of your health, you must buy human-grade drug only. Sometimes, underground laboratories too produce this compound in good quality but they are lesser in number.

If you wish to purchase this medication then the best possible option open to you is buying from the internet. You can also buy it from gym suppliers but their products are costlier than buying online. Actually, local suppliers themselves buy this medication from big internet suppliers. Whilst purchasing online, you must contact a trustworthy supplier. Further, the legal factor too must be taken into consideration. In the US, this medication is classed as a Schedule III drug and there to obtain this medication legally, you must be equipped with a prescription. Stanol injection cycle is immensely popular and its popularity makes people pay heavy fines and sometimes land in jail for violating the law.

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