One of the best ways to initiate appropriate and potentially life-saving training in around your circumference of influence is by having a dummy doll, so to speak, at the ready for when the opportunity or need to equip one and all with the necessary skills arises. While some are expensive and others less costly, the key is to make sure you have the type of apparatus that is pertinent to your needs and requirements. If you do get into a situation where several potential trainees are looking to you to have a sufficient amount of complementary material, then you want to be able to provide and deliver.


There are many companies out and about that deliver appropriate service and apparatus, but not all of them are as reputable as some. When doing research into the options of CPR Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney – and other Australian regions – have to offer, consider things like the travel time required, cost, adaptability and other. While there are plenty of components to the bigger picture, which needs to be a working fit for all concerned, the key ones must be detailed at length – and ultimately taken into deep, genuine consideration by you and any others close to the scenario.


CPR dolls are plentiful and, while options are many, you need to consider the specifics of the situation. Make sure it is in working order, first and foremost, and is of a contemporary calibre that won’t see cutting-edge training undermined by old-school technology. Be sure to read through the specifications of the doll carefully before buying, renting or outsourcing it in any way or fashion. If you are stuck with a bit of a gimp, it won’t serve your willingness and ability to serve yourself and your peers well enough in the longer and shorter term scenario.


As with plenty of things in life, expense is one of the first questions asked when contemplating a brand and product or service – and while it can’t always be offset, it is best to give it a good go. One way of doing this is weighing up prices and value-adds against each other. What one offers the other might not, and where one lacks, the other might not. So, be thoughtful and thorough in your consideration – and at the end of the day sign up for the right brand or product that suits you best. If it is going to work for you, it is going to work for those who you are wishing to see trained up and equipped for the future.

Storage and usage

When you do have the appropriate apparatus, treat it with the utmost of care. It’s an investment, that will surely serve you for many periods to come, so when not in use, store it in a place where it won’t get damaged and won’t be prone to external accidents. When you are using it, ask one and all to treat the tool with enough respect – almost as if it was a real human being with all the same feelings and emotions.

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