Pregnancy… Just the term evokes a mixed bag of emotions. There are excitement and anticipation for the little baby growing inside the womb. There are doubts and worries regarding the safety of the child and the mother. There are feelings of happiness amongst all the family members for the new arrival. And, also there are pains and discomfort that the expectant mother experiences.

Pregnancy might seem like a wonderful phase, but it is accompanied by its fair share of aches and pains right from the first trimester to the third one. Rest is often advised for the pregnant mother, but rest is far from achieved owing to various reasons. The growing belly of the mother makes it uncomfortable for her to sleep in any position comfortably. Add to that the back pain and sleeping straight can be a challenge. Also, most expectant mothers suffer from leg cramps and there is stress from carrying the baby and worrying about the imminent labor and delivery, all of which take a toll on the body and affect the sleep as well.

Solution for sound and comfortable sleep

Since comfortable sleep is hard to achieve during pregnancy, one of the solutions is to use a pregnancy pillow while sleeping or resting.

This pillow is a large shaped pillow that comes in various shapes and sizes, such as a bean shaped pillow, U-shaped pillow or a wedge shaped pillow, all of which help a pregnant lady to rest and sleep comfortably.

Types of pillows meant especially for pregnancy

A few types of pillows for pregnancy are described to help better understand what they are and their need.

  • Wedge shaped pillow

This is a small pillow in the shape of wedge and is also referred to as maternity cushion. It can be used under the tummy, below the back, as an extra pillow overhead or as an extra support for holding a hot water bag for instance. These are easy to use and pocket friendly, too but do not provide full body support.

  • Full length pillows

These are long full length pillows which can bend as required to support the growing tummy of the mother to-be along with her arms and legs. However, this pillow does not provide support to the back.

  • Total body pillows

These are long length pillows which are either U-shaped or C-shaped to support the entire body during pregnancy.

Benefits of using pillows designed for pregnant women

Using these pillows especially designed for the pregnant mother are-

  • These pillows support the back, neck, shoulders and legs. Thus, they help the expectant mother to sleep in the half-fetal position which is recommended for those suffering from back and neck pain.
  • The pillow provides comfort along with support thus limiting the usual tossing and turning experienced by mothers-to-be during pregnancy.
  • Most pregnant women suffer from stress and anxiety over putting pressure on their tummy and thus on the baby while sleeping. This pillow provides support to the tummy and thus allows the mother to sleep without stress and anxiety.
  • These pillows help against pelvic girdle pain that is experienced during pregnancy and sometimes continues post delivery as well.
  • These pillows can be used after delivery too, as a nursing pillow or for support for the baby or as barrier to prevent them from rolling over.

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