As you often see that in the weightlifting game almost all weightlifters wear a belt. That belt may not seem to be important for a normal person but for the weightlifters it is for their protection. Those who do the heavy weightlifting know the importance of belt during that time.

Belt can help an athlete to enhance their performance and more than that they help the athlete to protect their spine from any kind of injury. These belts help the spine to remain in a correct position during dead lifts and power lifts.  There are many different types of design and styles in weight lift belts that are available that you can choose according to your choice. However, when you read about the best Weight Lifting Belt Reviews you will find some points that are common in all belts and these points are as follows:

  • It enhances the performance that results in a good outcome in terms of competition.
  • It helps the spine to remain in a stable position so that it does not get injured. This belt also helps you to take a right stance before putting and after releasing the weight.

Types of belts

Double pin belts – this weight lift belt is most commonly used in many gym’s around all over the world. This belt is mostly made up of leather and comes in a double pin buckle option only. This type of belt can be used by everyone because you can adjust the size of the belt as per your body condition.

Lever belts – Most recommended belt is the lever belt; however only athletes make use of this belt. Performance of this belt is far better than other types of belts. This belt is also made up of leather and comes in a buckle body.

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