Over the years, we managed to believe more than a handful of so-called facts, only to find that these are all but pure fads. While some have a basis, there are some that have been successfully passed down to many generations. When things are misheard, misinterpreted and then shared, that’s when myths are formed and spread.

We all have our fair share of health misconceptions, but it’s high time to shed light on some them. Here are five common health misconceptions and truth that lies behind them.

One Needs Eight Glasses of Water Daily to Keep Yourself Hydrated

Some studies show people who drink a glass full of water whenever they feel thirsty get to stay healthy and hydrated. The reason is that we also get our fill with soups and water-rich fruits and vegetables. If, however, you live in places with a hot climate, and fails to use the bathroom regularly or currently suffering in a certain medical condition, you might need to consume more water daily.

Overeating Sugary Foods can Result in Diabetes

There are two types of Diabetes. The first type only happens when your immune system destroys your insulin-producing cells. Not watching your weight and failure to moderate your sugary and fatty intake can, however, influence and increase your chances of getting Type 2 Diabetes. This is to say that sugar alone doesn’t cause Diabetes even if having high blood sugar levels characterizes Type 2 Diabetes.

Toilet Paper and Wet Wipes are Good for Your Lady Bits and Backside

Wiping your bottoms with wet wipes or toilet paper after toilet breaks is never enough due to many reasons. One, no toilet paper and wet wipes can beat the cleaning power of water. Two, these can cause irritation, infection and even micro cuts. Washing your backside with water is the most hygienic way to clean up. Bidets from bidetgenius.com are the best when it comes to hygienic and hands-free cleaning of your private parts down there.

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Popping Your Knuckles can Cause Problems Like Osteoarthritis

Some people love cracking their joints, while some find it annoying and even hair-raising. The good news is, doing this won’t necessarily cause arthritis. The popping sound is actually gas bubbles that formed when the motion causes minor adjustments between the areas in your knuckles.

Cotton Swabs are a Great Tool in Cleaning Your Ears

It may be satisfying to stick a cotton swab inside your ears, but this “cleaning method” can cause more harm than good. Our ears are an amazing organ that is capable of cleaning itself. By using cotton swabs to clean the inner ear, this can disrupt the natural cleaning mechanism of your ears, and can even cause pain, irritation, and infection. It would be best to leave the dirty work to your wax and use a soft damp cloth to clean the outer skin of your ears. If you can’t avoid cotton swabs, it’s best not to attempt inserting it on your ear canal.

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