You can help yourself conquering your fear and break all your obstacles when you have a support of someone who has already gone through similar situation like yours. The holy Bible says in Titus 3:3-5 that

We are at time  disobedient and  deceiving, for the sake of  lust and pleasures, living in hatred and greed, intolerance, and detesting one another. However, after that the gentleness and worship of God, Savior towards mankind appeared. Not by works of morality that we have done, but as per his mercy, he saved us by the washing of rebirth, and reincarnation of the Holy Ghost.”

When the drug addiction problem is treated based on faith then it can hit the inner conscious of the person. Also if the support provided to him with full understanding of the problem that he is going through then it is easier to build a rapport with the affected person.

Drug addiction is something that can happen with anyone, who may be rich or poor, old or young and a Christian or non Christian. Christian addiction treatment can cover all kind of people. Many people often think that only Christian can respond to such treatment but that is totally a myth.

This Christian treatment of addiction is designed for everybody as the biblical principles not only takes care of physical and mental issues but the spiritual issues as well. Therefore such therapy can cure many cases for which there was no hope at all. Praise the Lord!!

Many addicts after undergoing treatment often carries a sense of guilt in their mind and are afraid to face many people especially people who are known to him. That is because deep in their mind there is a guilt or sin which does not allow them to become normal. In Christian philosophy, it is particularly emphasized that Lord Jesus came to this world and taken our entire burden on the cross and he died for our sins. Those who believe in the name of Jesus and submit all their sins on the holy blood of him will get complete salvation.

According to the holy bible – 1 John 2:2- “And the God is the appeasement for our sinfulness and not for ours only, but also for the blunders of the whole world.” And Ephesians 1:7 “In whom we have salvation through his blood, the pardon of sins, according to the riches of his elegance;”

Therefore with Christian method of drug addiction treatment not only treats the body and mind but also souls of not only Christians or his believers but the entire world. When the drug treatment is provided along with medicines and spiritual healing with the help of bible words then it becomes a holistic treatment of the person. He no longer carries a guilt in his mind, as now he has realized that all his misdeeds has been completely washed in the holy blood of Lord Jesus.

Many Christian facilities also have a program of using such people who have undergone healing through Christian way of treating drug addiction to help other drug addicts as they will be more convincing and effective to communicate with the addicted person, as he also gone through the same difficulties as the patient is going through now.

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