If you live in Leeds or West Yorkshire, and you’re looking for help to choosing a hypnotist in Leeds, then Congratulations – you’ve come to right place for help!

It’s difficult choosing a hypnotist in Leeds isn’t it, not knowing where to start, how to select one, what to look for hey?

However, worry not, as that’s why this article here is to help in choosing a hypnotist in Leeds.

Why would you choose a hypnotist in Leeds?

Whilst of course your own reasons and confidentiality should be respected, there are several common reasons for choosing a hypnotist in Leeds.

With celebrity hypnotists such as Paul McKenna becoming more popular, more and more people are looking to hypnosis for help.

Today, hypnotism and hypnotists are widely recognised as professional and beneficial, rather than the rather more mysterious circus and entertainer-type hypnotists of yesteryear.

Hypnotists can help in treatment for many things, such as :-

  • smoking
  • weight loss
  • habit change
  • financial problems
  • self-esteem
  • relationship issues
  • lack of confidence
  • phobias such as flying

Whilst it’s fun to see a hypnotist on stage making people think they are eating lemons when in reality they are oranges, it does go to show the power of hypnosis.

Of course, like any profession, people are quick to realise the benefits of dominating a niche and turning skills into advantages.

Once you’ve made a decision to use a hypnotist though, there’s still a few more things to consider.

Whilst you could sign up to an online hypnosis session, the results are often variable – and expensive. Far better to physically meet a hypnotist, at home or at their office/clinic, as the results are generally far more successful this way.

So look for a hypnotist in Leeds or West Yorkshire, as whilst it’s possible you may feel the benefit (or even be cured of your ailments) instantly it would be more beneficial to arrange a course of treatment.

Whilst it is possible you may feel it only needs one visit to a hypnotist in Leeds, it’s also possible the benefits may wear off, so a course of repeat visits always delivers the best and longer-lasting results.

How to choose a hypnotist in Leeds

As with any business decision, when you are choosing a hypnotist in Leeds, the more thorough your research, the better results you will get.

When choosing a hypnotist in Leeds, look for :-


Without a doubt, the best way to choose a hypnotist in Leeds is by checking reputations. The best hypnotists are usually by referral from previous satisfied clients, or are already well-known and established in their area.

If you’re searching online for hypnotists in Leeds, ensure you check for testimonials on websites and reviews.


All hypnotists have to be adequately trained, and are often aligned to professional parties or associations. Don’t be afraid to ask any potential hypnotists in Leeds what qualifications they have, or what associations they belong to, as they should be proud to tell you!


When looking for hypnotists in Leeds, don’t just go for the cheapest – as it’s results that count (value) not cost. Consider travel time and costs, and ensure you can repeatedly visit relatively conveniently as it may not be clear how many visits you will need until after the first session.

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