Can you really burn 278 more calories and lose 2lbs of belly fat per week with Capsiplex?

Well, before we answer this question and get into our Capsiplex reviews, we would like to say that this is definitely one of the most popular diet pills for women that we have ever seen advertised.

How popular?

Well it has a huge celebrity following and with over 55,000 units sold the very first week it was released to the public, this is actually the first diet pill that we know of that actually sold out.
So what we’ve done is taken the time to brief Capsiplex from every angle to help you to fully understand what it is, how it works and then you’ll be able to decide if Capsiplex is the right diet pill for you.
But before we get into our Capsiplex reviews, let’s take a look at a video testimonial from the sultry and sexy celebrity Roxanne Pallett.

What is Capsiplex and Who is it For?

Capsiplex is a supplement made from primarily capsicum, which is the extract from the pepper plant. It increases the caloric burn in the body during and after exercise and helps increase your overall metabolism.
If you are looking for a way to increase your weight loss progress or are having a hard time getting starter, than Capsiplex is the perfect addition to your current dietary program.
Capsiplex can also be taken by those who enjoy their food as a way to prevent future weight gain.
Capsiplex is unlike other thermogenic product on the market right now. It has been tested in several clinical studies and been shown to work, time and time again.

Capsiplex Ingredients

Capsiplex is made from natural ingredients which include capsicum, niacin, caffeine, and piperine.
Capsicum is the naturally occurring compound found in red peppers that heats up your overall core temperature thus making your metabolism speed up and caloric burn increase. It converts calories into heat rather than fat allowing you to burn it off in the form of energy. It also reduces your appetite thus lowering the amount of calories you ingest.
Niacin helps increase your HDL cholesterol levels by allowing more blood to pump through your body faster, making you have a more healthful cardiovascular system. It also reduces inflammation in muscles caused by working out thus giving you quicker recovery time.
Caffeine is included in the formula as a way to increase your total energy and help you last longer, whether in a workout or throughout your normal day. Caffeine is also great at increasing your alertness and concentration.
Piperine allows you to use the formula properly and absorb as much nutrients throughout the digestive process as possible. It also increases thermogenesis which is how energy is produced in your cells and why you will burn more calories when ingesting this supplement.

How does Capsiplex work?

The Capsiplex beadlet is designed in such a way that it will not irritate the stomach or the digestive process. It contains four layers, the outer non-irritating coating that does not allow for release until the capsule has made it into the intestines where no discomfort will be felt.

The capsicum layer is inside this pH balanced outer layer to offer the most completely perfect formula possible.

Overall, Capsiplex will help burn calories, increase your metabolism, reduce body fat, and reduce appetite.

What does this mean for you?

This means that by taking one pill per day, you can ultimately burn up to 278 more calories – that is equivalent to an extra 30 minutes of jogging, 40 minutes of cycling, or an additional hour of power walking – without having to anything additional.

Many people have claimed that they have lost up to five pounds in the first week by combining Capsiplex with exercise. This can lead to additionally 3x more calories burned with the increase in thermogenesis.
Can you imagine how this product could work for you, simply by integrating it into what you are already doing?

How to use Capsiplex

Capsiplex is used as a once daily supplement and has been proven, with this low dosage, to burn up to 3x more calories every day than regular exercise and diet alone.

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