Patchouli plant is known worldwide owing to various benefits it provides to everyone. Not only it is used for enhancing health and fighting different diseases, it also makes for a vital component in various other commodities such as perfumes, colognes, etc.

Let’s have a closer and detailed look at various do TERRA patchouli essential oil benefits.

Get Rid of Bad Breath & Odor with Patchouli Essential Oil

The strong and distinctive smell of patchouli essential oil can help you in dealing with bad odor and breath problems. Due to this particular property of patchouli essential oil, it is a vital component in making perfumes.

Furthermore, it can also be used after-bath body spray by mixing a few drops of this oil in the bath water. For aiding bad breath, you can add a few drops of patchouli essential oil into warm water and use it for mouth gargle. It has freshening and deodorizing properties.

Reduce the Appearance of Aging

Patchouli essential oil can provide various benefits for our skin. One of the most noted ones is that it helps in reducing the signs of aging. The use of patchouli essential oil can make our skin smooth and promotes a smooth, glowing complexion along with getting rid of fine wrinkles.

Helping Skin Imperfections

Patchouli essential oil helps our skin by not only reducing appearance of wrinkles, but also blemishes and skin imperfections. You can make a natural solution for skin by mixing a few drops of patchouli essential oil in a carrier oil.

Mood Enhancing Properties

Patchouli essential oil boasts of mood enhancing properties that can help in dealing with stress. Anxious feelings can have adverse effects on an individual, which could include loss of concentration, tiredness, and other problems. The relaxing property of this oil can help in dealing with these stress-related issues by grounding emotions.

All these and many more benefits of patchouli essential oil can be derived by using it in smaller quantity and mixing it with other components.

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