Taking a glance in a healthy plate of daily food it is got to be seen a major part of this plate is occupied by flour. Flour is a very versatile food substance, meaning we can prepare a lot of healthy dishes availing different kinds of flour. Wheat is source of flour and therefore we can get lots of natural nutrients while consuming flour through our day to day food. However, the benefits of flour vary with the variations in the types of flour. In this context the mentionable fact is that there are different types of flour we can consume in our daily life.

  • Benefits of high protein flour: As the name indicating high protein flour is rich in protein and protein content in this type of flour is gluten. Due to high protein content this type of flour is very much advantageous over the other flours as the protein present in it can break the extra fat inside the body and thus is very helpful in weight loss. On the other hand, being a slow carb flour, it can maintain the a proper level of carbohydrate by releasing it way more slowly. It can play an essential role in keeping a perfect metabolism rate in our body and thus can keep our body system boosted for a long interval of time.
  • Benefits of all purpose flour: High protein flour is used to make delicious foods such as cake, pastry, cookies, muffins eta. besides the daily consumption. In this purpose the best choice is the all purpose flour which is used by the professional bakers as well due its smooth consistency. However, it contains near about 12{5552b4113d7bdd46b7d672497b04b21721de8740f07d3c3dc98d4431b91d273e} of gluten.

Apart from these two commonly used flours there are several other kinds of flours such as bread flour, cake flour and so on. However, these flours are used in specific purposes like bread flour is mostly availed in preparing pizza breads and other different kinds of breads. Bread flour is also very advantageous as it is a rich source of gluten and therefore can maintain the balance of protein and carbohydrate. Cake flour is mostly used by the professional bakers for making cakes, muffins, cup cakes, brownies and other delicious food products whereas pastry flour is used in preparing cookies, biscuit, pastry, muffins and so on. Both of these flours are very smooth and fine in their consistency.

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