There are different powders and extracts that enrich the Ayurvedic treatment. There are numerous plants and its parts that come to aid human race.  One such plant is the Ashwagandha or Withania Somnifera and its roots are good for rejuvenation of the body and the mind. This is adaptogenic herb and it helps the body to take in stress of the physiological nature and also of psychological requirement. This has been used in Ayurvedic treatment since ancient times and it also has got restorative benefits. The meaning of Ashwagandha in Sanskrit is ‘the smell of a horse’ and it means this herb is good to add vigor and restorative properties as good as a stallion.  It helps the body to adapt to various requirement of the environment.

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Controls cholesterol

You can find the ashwagandha powder to be extracted from the roots of this plant and it has got various beneficial effects. This one is good for those who have got issues with high cholesterol. The anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant goddesses of this herb take care of the cardiovascular problems of any person. The heart muscles get strengthened and it also gives a hand in keeping cholesterol level within a permissible limit. This contains hypolipidemic goodness that keeps the cholesterol level in blood to a minimum level.

Stress and wound – both taken care of

This herb helps in keeping people who gets stressed easily – free of stress. This is done for it inhibits high cortisol or the stress hormone in the blood. This herb is therefore used as tranquilizers or as antidepressant medications. This has got wound healing qualities too and any fresh leaves of this plant can take care of joint pains, skin problems and swelling.


Erectile dysfunction and low fertility is treated

This herb is good for treating various issues in men. The problem of erectile dysfunction and low fertility are issues that trouble men after a certain age. This herb taken in any form can give relieve to these problems. This helps in enhancing the libido for men and also cures ED but it should be taken after recommendation from an authorized medical practitioner. This herb helps in improving the quality of semen in men and this way it increases the fertility power in men. It also increases the sperm count and the mobility of the sperms. This herb also helps the endocrine system and encourages hormone balance. This helps in reducing the symptoms of hot flashes in women. They also take these for keeping away mood swings too.

Dosage of the herb and some mixtures

When you are trying to use this ashwagandha powder as your regular medication, you can mix the powder with warm milk and take it. This is mostly suggested to be taken just before going to bed. The powder helps in calming the vata properties of the human body. This also helps in inducing good sleep and helps the reproductive system. You must go for a dose of 1/4th teaspoon to a ½ teaspoon – once to two times in a day. Traditionally it is taken with an anupan – a medium that carries the herbs much more within the body. The anupan for Ashwagandha is ghee and honey. This helps in rejuvenation of the body and mind. When you take this powder with sugar, it gives more cooling effects to the body. You just have to know the right person who can suggest the best way for you to take this herb and then start following the dose with care.

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