Those who are new to this content might be surfing the internet for this strange word sildenafil! Well, this is none other than the medical term used to symbolize Viagra. Those who need to buy it search the internet but as it is one such medicine that can’t be asked from your local medical store in an easy way, it’s hard to purchase it. And because of its actual use, there are numerous embarrassing questions that you need to ask but are unable to ask from anyone in your locality or your local medical store.

So, here are the answers to some of the most embarrassing questions that you might be searching for long.

Is It Available For Online Order Without Prescription?

To purchase most of the medicines online, you need to have a valid prescription from your doctor. But is it the same case with Viagra? Most of the people feel shy reaching a doctor and take a prescription. The short and sweet response to your query is NO. However, you will find numerous online pharmacy stores that are offering these medicines at a huge discount. You are unaware of the brand, quantity, and quality of those medicines that might even harm your body, instead of delivering the required benefits.

Are They Really Effective?

Well, the correct answer to this question totally depends upon the quality. If you have purchased this medicine form an authorized pharmacy store, you will be guaranteed with the quality and positive results. However, some of you, being a prey of fake products might think that it’s really ineffective due to fake medicine. From other perspectives, these medicines only help you enhance your part during sex and increase the feeling of sex. But that doesn’t make you have sex if you are not interested in doing so.

How Long does it Give Results?

People who ask this question needs to understand the working of this medicine. When you consume this medicine, it increases the blood flow in your penis that directly activates the main part of your body. Also, it increases the sensitivity of your penis that plays a major role during sex. Afterward, it totally depends upon your strength, your diet, and metabolism. Even the quality matters as high consumption may last longer (but never recommended).

Do they really increase your penis size?

 This is the biggest myth that people still believe. Actually, this medicine only increases the blood flow of your body along with its sensitivity. That gradually results in the increase in size, which becomes a natural phenomenon. So, there is no direct relation between size and medicine.

So, these are some of the questions people generally search before buying Viagra form the local pharmacy store or an online store. If you are one of those buyers, these queries will really help you omitting your false beliefs and clear your concept about this medicine. But above all, you should always consult your doctor if you encounter any problem and have a transparent consultation to get the best possible remedy for your issues.

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