Oxymethelone is the actual compound of what has been known as ‘Anadrol’ as the brand name. Anadrol is an orally consumed, synthetic steroid that has both anabolic (promoting protein synthesis and muscle building) and androgenic (male hormones) properties attached to it. It is considered to be the man-made version of the male hormone testosterone. Though initially only used for treating conditions like osteoporosis and anemia till the 1960s, it was prescribed for underdeveloped or patients with malnutrition. As more studies happened along the years, it has proven its advantageous impacts in terms of muscle building and growth.

Anadrol, is the most preferred steroid in use for carrying out the requisite physical preparation for the various competitions. Anadrol has the ability to enhance the growth of human muscle tissue since it is an anabolic steroid. If anadrol is accompanied by high protein diet and good exercise programs then one can achieve muscle bulk very quickly. This is because of the amount of testosterone present in this drug. Anadrol is the 1 Best Oral Steroid and is very effective for people with bone marrow issues and anemia.

Stacking Anadrol with other steroids

It is necessary to stack Anadrol with other steroids if one needs cut look and lean mass because Anadrol won’t provide this. The common side effects due to the intake of Anadrol are bloating. If one needs to gain maximum weight and they have very little time then Anadrol is the best choice. Te alternative dianabol also has bloating effects but comparatively less.

Anadrol Stacks and cycles:

When it comes to enhancing strength and mass gain, anadrol can be very effective to be used in several cycles. The best way to consume this is by using the injectable form of testosterone. in many countries anadrol steroids are already banned.

Cycle 1:

Anadrol -50 mg everyday for 4 weeks and test E 500 mg a week for 12 weeks.

Cycle 2:

Anadrol- 75mg each day should be followed for 4 weeks. Teste E should be taken 500 mg per week for 10 weeks.

Oxymethlone/ Super Anadrol

Oxymethlone/ Super Anadrol helps the Red Blood Cells grow and work normally. Super Anadrol is slightly less risky for women as compared to Trenbolone E but definitely not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.

Super Anadrol affects the potency of testosterone and results in nitrogen balance and weight gain. Super Anadrol is commonly taken by Athletes but in some cases Athletes were banned from national games due to the excessive intake of this anabolic steroid.

Buying Anadrol

If you know a trusted person who has bought from a specific site and has gained impressive results, then buy from the same site. Be sure to recommend it to your friends who may need it too. As mentioned above, dosage of Anadrol must be carefully monitored and over dosing must not be done. Anadrol is best to get a kick start to your muscle building. IT should not be taken as a regular medication. Always check out for any symptoms and stop the medication as soon as you feel any of the side effects.

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