Amanda is a 29 year old accountant who had a very nice story to share about her weight loss journey and how she managed to make this happen for her without any risks to her health and just in time for her wedding. It was on July that her boyfriend proposed to her and they were to be married on December. She had exactly six months to lose weight and she felt that she had already tried to lose the weight too many times and this made her feel very worried.

She had been through a large number of diets that lasted over six months and her results would always be too small for her to even notice. She would also workout all the time and her body fat would remain almost the same. She had always been a slightly over weight woman, but she wanted to be able to look amazing in her wedding dress.

One of her best friends had heard about this new revolutionary system called reshape ready and she told Amanda to find out if this would be good for her. She needed to lose 20 pounds in six months and she was going to do whatever it took in order to make that happen, so she went online and she was able to understand the whole process of the dual balloon weight loss system at the

She got her appointment and she was out in just a couple of hours with the balloon placed in her stomach. It only took a day for her to see how amazing this was going to be. She had always loved to eat very large meals, but she was feeling full after less than half of what she would usually eat and in just weeks she had already started to lose a good amount of weight.

Then she was surprised by the fact that she had reached her 20 pound goals in just 3 and a half months and she decided to keep the balloon for the entire six months. By the time of her wedding, Amanda was 35 pounds lighter than she was when she started the treatment. She looked so good in her dress that she had to get it modified for it to fit tightly.

You could be another reshape ready success story too. There is no need for you to continue to wish that you could get the kind of results that will make you look your best. Make it happen!

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