Alzheimer’s is a progressively degenerative disease that results in the worst kind of dementia. There is no treatment to Alzheimer’s other than supportive therapy. Alzheimer’s primarily affects senior citizens. Gerontology and Alzheimer’s care giving is intimately limited. Alzheimer’s ultimately leads to impairment and death. Alzheimer’s can be very frustrating for the patient’s family. As the patient gets worse they might not be able to recognize their family, spouses and others. Alzheimer’s care can be expensive and people who live with the disease cannot often afford it. In fact, because of their age and depending on other social factors, they might often fall victim to abuse.

The best that we can do for Alzheimer’s patients is to make sure they are well cared for in hospitals, homes and day care centres. If someone is thrown out of their family, we need to rehabilitate them. Part of Alzheimer’s is the ultimate loss of all memory and death. Families of patients need to come to terms with this. Spouses might go into depression and so might children. Therefore, it is essential to provide not just the Alzheimer’s patient but their family psychological support. All of this is not easy. An Alzheimer’s patient lives on average somewhat around 8 years after people start noticing symptoms. The individual needs to be treated with all the dignity of a human being during this time. Anything else is violence and abuse.

So how do we provide for those with the disease? Apart from their medical costs, there is also their daily care and their upkeep (in the cases of those thrown out of their families). Well, connecting to NGOs working on the issue is always a good option. The other good option is to take action on an individual level. If you know of anyone who has been disenfranchised for the disease, or whose family needs money for care giving, you can use the help of crowdfunding.

Online crowdfunding ventures have become quite the thing these days. They are hassle free, people are more likely to donate larger amounts online and you can even reach the international market. One of the major crowdfunding platforms is Impact Guru who have been active in the medical crowdfunding and NGO crowdfunding sphere for a long time now and have raised 600 crores. Impact Guru’s website lets you start a fundraiser. Put down all the details of the specific conditions for which you need to raise money and then you back that up with medical records.

Our Campaign Manager will get in touch with you and you can work according to your goals. A good idea is to share the fundraiser on all kinds of social media. This gives it more visibility and works as a good entry point into the world of communication. Once we have reached the goal, we will release the money quite quickly so that you don’t need to worry about delays. Crowdfunding and you together can therefore make change happen in society.

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