There are many burning issues in our society and one of those issues is addiction. These days our youngsters are prone to addiction. To help them get out of Addiction first we need to know what addiction is and how it is spread and how it affects the body.

What is an addiction?

Addiction is an intricate condition of a human being wherein the person is so much habituated to a substance that even after knowing that this habit of consuming the substance will be fatal for his/her life the person continues to consume the substance. The substance can be alcohol, drugs, depressant, tobacco, inhalants, cough syrups, pain killers, etc. The people consuming these substances have an intense craving for it and it distorts their mind. They have a very weird type of a behavioural pattern. By consuming these substance for time being they are in their feel good world and they think they are relived from their stress, but all these effects are time being or is like an illusion which the person consuming it gets.

How is it spread?

When we all know that this is a real bad habit and it can cause people their life still how does it spread and people become victim of the same. Now there are some anti-social people who long only for money; rather they are only interested in making money and this is a huge shortcut of earning money. As these products are usually banned everywhere and is illegal their prises are very high so these some anti-social people allure youngsters and give them to consume it and then after consuming it twice or thrice it becomes a habit.

How does it affect our body?

These addictions harm our body in different ways. Usually they are fatal and can also take our life. Like by consuming alcohol in an abnormal manner it may cause liver damage. The drugs like marijuana, cocaine, etc. destroy our thinking power and day by day destroy our whole body. Consumption of these drugs weakens our immune system.

Prevention and treatment of addiction?

This addiction can be prevented by generating its awareness in schools and colleges where we can find most of the youngsters which are being targeted for the consumption of these substances. There are different types of treatments available to treat the addicted person. Counselling, hospitalization, therapies, etc. for such treatments rehab centres are being built. These rehab centres helps the person to recover from this bad habit and helps them to become stable in their life. In USA one such rehab centre is Real Hope Recovery which helps people to come out of their addiction and become stable.

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