It can be very difficult to maintain a balanced diet. If you do not want to gain more weight and stay healthy then you can add some easy Mediterranean diet recipes in your breakfast. It consist of some healthy nutrients like nuts, green vegetables, fruits and healthy drinks which not only provide you healthy skin but also help in reducing the chances of different diseases like obesity, heart attacks, diabetes, etc.

If you have already gained more weight and want a good shape of your body then you can consult with your doctor. They can advice you for taking the Mediterranean diet weight loss. You can also view some links like  in which you can get proper detail about the health benefits of this diet.

What are the different kinds of recipes included in the Mediterranean diet?

Scrambled eggs and spinach – There are some common ingredients used for cooking this dish like eggs, butter, spinach leafs, tomato, pepper and salt.  Firstly, you have to melt the butter into the pan and chop the small pieces of tomato and spinach. Then, pour the egg mixture into the pan for mixing all the essential ingredients and cook it properly.

Eggs and avocado on toast – the ingredients required for cooking this dish like egg, meal bread, avocado, salt and pepper. For cooking, you should boil the egg and toast bread slices then put the avocado pieces on the toast. When the egg is boiled then cut into slices and lay it on the avocado.

Spinach and tomato frittata – if you want to add some unique taste to your breakfast then you can see the online recipe of it. Basically, it includes eggs, skim milk, olives, spinach leaves, feta, oregano, salt and pepper, etc. If you want to prepare this dish then you should lightly whisk the eggs, add all the ingredients. You should bake the dish for some minutes until the egg sets and serve the dish.

Lemon scone – it includes all kind of flours, baking soda, butter, sugar lemon juice, buttermilk, etc. These are protein rich ingredients so you can add them in your breakfast and you will feel full for the whole day. It also helps you in changing your eating habits.

Many other dishes – There are some other various types of healthy dishes that one can include in the breakfast.

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