Acne is not just a puberty nightmare. It happens to men ages 20 to 40 years old. More than half of teenagers outgrow their acne problem five years after it first appears. Although, a significant percent of men still develop this skin problem even when they are well into their adult life. The American Dermatology Association says that of these, 25{5552b4113d7bdd46b7d672497b04b21721de8740f07d3c3dc98d4431b91d273e} are men.

Men’s acne peak around nineteen to twenty years old.Research show that acne usually affects the male specie more than female specie, because men have higher levels of testosterone compared to them. And while women’s acne occur every month, as when they are having their period, men’s acne tend to get more severe, even causing scars that can permanently damage the skin.

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Causes of Acne in Men

  • Shaving Creams & Other Products

Shaving alone does not cause acne. It’s the use of improper tools like the blade and shaving cream, which can irritate your skin. Make sure to use a blade that is properly sharpened so that your skin does not get nicked. Also apply creams or gels that are of good quality. Using various products, especially those that contain comedogenic ingredients like creams, perfumes, soaps or toothpaste, can also clog pores of the skin. And when this happens, the skin becomes irritated, and then acne develops.

  • Sebum Over Production

Over production of sebum in men is very common, because men’s hormones are more prone to this. Men have androgens that induce sebum to produce rapidly. Combined this with the fact that dead skin cells block the pores on the skin, blackheads and whiteheads then develop. When these are inflamed, they turn to pimples or acne and even cysts, which may eventually have visible scarring later on.
When it comes to this type of skin problem, men are more prone to develop problems with long term scarring. This is because men have thicker oily-prone skin than women, that healing process may tend to take longer.

Men’s Skin Care

Proper care of the skin should reduce or even remove the acne problems men encounter. Provided below are some of our suggestions. Remember that skin care is not exclusive to women and all men must also learn to properly care for their skin:

  • Buy yourself an acne cream that has a fast-acting effect. There are numerous products available in drugstores and cosmetic stores, which are made from natural ingredients. Creams that contain tea tree oil, or protodioscin, as well as several vitamins, will help you obtain a clearer skin. Some products even keep acne from appearing, while others contain antiseptic that immediately attack the germs at the onset of a break out.
  • Avoid facial cream with ingredients like mineral oil. Also avoid petroleum based products because they are too greasy for a man’s skin component. Using products made of these will only clog your pores even more.
  • Avoid those products that have SD alcohol ingredients, as they tend to dry the skin. Also keep in mind that comedogenic products, usually those containing lanolin, can aggravate the cause of acne, rather than eliminate it.
  • Consult with a dermatologist before you decide to use a certain product on your skin, like body wash as this may do you more harm than good. A dermatologist will be able to tell if you are allergic to a product or if your skin is too sensitive for it.
  • During the winter period, minimize exfoliation to at least once weekly. Too much exfoliating can rob your skin off its natural moisture. In the same manner, minimize showering time and if possible, use lukewarm water when you do.
  • Avoid scented creams. They contain too many preservatives like glycol or sodium lauryl sulfate, which will cause allergic reactions.
  • Use a circular motion, coming from the outside to the inside of your face, when applying facial cream. Be careful to rinse your face well and do not leave any residue as this could be absorbed into the skin pores.
  • Moisturize your skin twice daily, or at lease after coming out of the shower. Doing so will keep your skin rejuvenated and healthier.

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