Are you eagerly willing to build a body like strong bodybuilder Mike or any of your favorite bodybuilder? But do you have any idea of what tool they are actually using to build up their muscle size, increase strength and tone physique?Are they steroids? The answer would be a big Yes! All the Professional bodybuilders, unbeatable wrestlers and world-class atheletes you see depend upon the best injectable steroid for strength, raw muscle and hard body.It’s because of these powerful performance enhancing steroids and of course their hard devotion that they are able to create that body. When now you are aware of their secret, don’t wait just go and grab the best steroid for you. And also learn everything about steroids over here to get the best of them.

What are steroids?

Synthetic or Anabolic steroids are basically important chemical compounds that are artificially producedfrom the naturally occurring hormone testosterone (a male hormone)in the human body. Steroids influence the rate of metabolism and help in the formation of essential vitamins and other substances in the human body. Atheletes and bodybuilders use these artificial compounds to increase strength, grow muscles and gain weight.

How anabolic steroids are used?

Steroids medicines are present in many forms but oral and injectable are the most common forms of abusing the drug into the muscles and both of them have their own positive as well as negative effects on the body. Other than this synthetic steroid comes in the form of creams, or gels.

  1. Oral formula- Oral anabolic steroids are those that are available as tablets or capsules and are taken by mouth. Some of the most common oral compounds are Dianabol, (D-bol) Anadrol and Halotestin. These types of steroids offer large benefits in a very short period of time. Oral form has shorter life i.e half-life compared to inject able form. Half-life means basically means the life-span of the medicine inside the body. Since this form has shorter duration it stays for only about 3-5 hours per tablet in the body which means you will have to take the pills many times in a day. As a result it puts great pressure on the liver leading to its damage. In addition to this oral formula causes significant bloating, headaches and high blood pressure.
  2. Inject able formula- Anabolic steroids that are injected in the muscles are known as injectable steroids. These generally offer superior quality of improvement but in a long period of time. When compared to oral steroids, these injectable ones are not taken most often however it depends on the steroids half-life. Some of the best inject able steroids for strength and endurance are, Trenbolone, Deca Durabolin and Winstrol. Mostly experts prefer inject able over form mainly due to the fact that it sustains for a longer duration and offers more effective results without causing any harm to the liver or any other body part. Since these pills does not cross the digestive system, liver remains safe with injectable formula.

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