So, you have decided to give anti-wrinkle injections a try. Now you are wondering how you should prepare for the injections. Here are some preparation tips.

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1. Consultation is Important

Your therapist should get the chance of observing your frown, smile and raised eyebrows so that he can evaluate you carefully.

He can also see how your face moves naturally in different areas so that he can inject you in such a way that you’ll look refreshed and not expressionless.

Your therapist may also ask you to talk about something you are passionate to observe facial movements.

She may also give you a complete health assessment before the injection. For example, certain antibiotics, particularly in the aminoglycoside class, such as gentamicin, can augment the potency of neurotoxins.

It’s a good idea to postpone the treatment during the course of antibiotics to avoid the risk. In worst cases, you can have a droopy lid.

2. Stop Taking Blood-thinning Medications

Anticoagulant mediations like ibuprofen and aspirin should be stopped before taking anti-wrinkle injections, because these drugs impair blood clotting and heighten the chances of bruising if the needle scratches a blood vessel.

3. Foods You Should Stop

Some doctors also suggest that you should stop taking multivitamins, fish oil, ginger, cinnamon, green tea and red wine a week before the treatment.

Not all but some antioxidants can add to the fragility of blood vessels and hinder clotting. Asking your therapist for a full list of things to avoid before at least 2 weeks of procedure is a good idea.

4. Be Informed about the Source of Your Injectable

Be sure about your doctor’s authority as a vendor for any medication you’d be injected. Get the anti-wrinkle injections Melbourne by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne or by other reputable cosmetic clinic to be sure about this.

In Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, only licensed physicians perform the treatment and obtain their injectable legally.

5. Bruising Facts

Neurotoxins usually need finer needles and are typically administered more lightly than fillers.

But there is always a possibility for any injection of hitting a blood vessel, causing accumulation of blood beneath the skin forming an unsightly blackish-bluish blotch.

Thankfully, several therapists offer a complimentary vascular laser treatment next day which breaks down the accumulated blood into smaller bits and significantly reduces the bruises within a day.

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6. You’ll Have to Stay Away from Certain Activities for Several Hours

Be ready to avoid wearing makeup, exercising, washing hair, lying down or touching the injected area. If you do these activities, the toxin can spread to muscles or injections may get weakened.

Flying is also prohibited for several hours after your shots since the change in the cabin pressure can cause spread of toxin to muscles. So, stay on the ground for at least a few days.

7. The Earlier the Better

Anti-wrinkle injection can even be used as a preventative treatment in younger patients, like ones in their late twenties or early thirties, an age at which expression lines are prominent during movement and at rest.

Taking the injections early will not just stop worsening, but can usually reverse the first wrinkles and blush lines.

However, you should be careful as if you start taking the toxin with no visible lines, you’ll have to take it for 50 years.

Whether it’s an effective night laser Melbourne by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne or anti-wrinkle injections, being careful can always give you the best results.

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