Marriage that endures all throughout the decades is definitely based on tolerance, commitment, love, and trust. Partners in this union work hard in order to build each other up. So, how can married couples create a marriage that would continue growing no matter what life gives their own way when many coupes end up in a divorce?

Here are the proven ways suggested by Colleen Hurll Counselling to make your marriage last a lifetime:

Work hard together on your shared dreams, but mainly prioritize each other more than what your goals are.

Right at the onset of marriage, couples are more likely to make their own plans regarding their own future together along the way. When some of the conflicts that they are experiencing starts to become unbearable, couples tend to drift away from each other. They eventually abandoning what their plans in life are. In order to prevent the potential separation, you may write down your dreams together.

Discuss and at the same time, work together in them regularly without neglecting that the most significant thing is not your achievements of your own dreams, but you still have each other when everything fails.

Have time to find out your own spouse’s love and then express it consistently to him or her.

The author of the famous “The 5 Love Languages”  and marriage counselor for over 30 years, Dr. Gary Chapman, popularized the phrase “love language” this mean a way of expressing as well as interpreting love namely: words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, gifts, and touch. There is a need for married couples to remember that happy marriage starts when they marry the ones they love. It blossoms when you love the one you marry.

Give, give, and give until it hurts.

Most people say that every relationship is a give-and-take deal. The conflicts on the other hand start when one already demands for the partner to give back as much as he or she has invested in the relationship. Would not it be better of both find ways to give, give, and give each other without even expecting anything in return? Bear in mind that genuine love is surely evident if expressed through one’s generosity beyond one’s own comfort zone.

Pray for your own spouse and then pray together more often.

Paradigm shift certainly happens when the couples realizes that they could not make their own marriage work without the help from God. When you take the wedding vows, you also declare the allegiance to the work of God in your mindset. Years after your wedding day, you might discover unlikable things regarding your own partner.

The words have the great power to bring death or life in relationship, so utilize them wisely.

When intense argument happens, you should never use generalization such as “You always. . . “. Always be specific on what you really do not like about your own spouse’s attitude or habit. Never bring out the past. Just focus on the current issue. Be generous enough with praise. Affirm the good traits of your spouse to your own friends when he or she could hear you.

Always be grateful not only for the blessings, but also for every challenge that arises.

You would never know how strong your relationship is right until the crisis hits both of you. This is where you would realize how much you love each other. Eventually, you would find out right after the storm that you are even closer than before. A private relationship counselling in Castle Hill can help you overcome even the toughest times of your life.

You both need to believe that your marriage will work out. Couple shouldn’t stop trying and trying. That’s the secret in keeping your marriage for a lifetime.

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